Motivational Monday: KTR: Kids That Rip

KTR: Kids That Rip: Getting motivated with the kids of the East Valley to stay active and moving, especially in this heat. They have a summer program for 3-5yr old’s where they do gymnastics, trampoline exercises, ninja warrior stuff and skateboarding. The bigger kids can rip it up with parkour, which is also called free running, skateboarding and whatever they've got going on.


  • Go ahead and JUMP! FLIP! TUMBLE! Our in-floor trampolines are a great workout...


  • We'll tumble for ya! Our Gymnastics program is designed to help you develop fundamentals and advance as a tumbler.


  • Scoot on in here! KTR was built with scooters in mind.


  • The KTR Skate Park is open to all skateboarders. There are street-like components such as tables, benches, planters and ledges, all designed to maximize both fun and safety.

Team Gymnastics

  • We offer competitive gymnastics. Xcel through elite gymnastics. Our team is Desert Devils Gymnastics, with over 35 years of competitive experience we can help you achieve your goals!

Ninja Warrior

  • Whether you're training for a national competition, or just for fun, this is the place. A warp wall, salmon ladder, quintuple steps, rings, slacklines and more.


  • Parkour is a free movement activity which can include obstacle courses, running, climbing, swinging, mantling, vaulting, jumping, rolling. Are YOU up to the challenge?

For more information: or phone: (480) 844-9600

KTR: Kids That Rip 1927 N Gilbert Rd Mesa, AZ 85143


Mutual Reality: Art on the Edge of Technology

In the 21st century, each of us often unknowingly leave a digital footprint in everything we do from texting to a simple internet search. This exhibition presents the multiple ways in which we, as users, interact with an artwork and the response or output the artwork provides in return.

  • Exhibit runs June 8 - Oct. 6, 2019

For more information:

Smoca downtown Scottsdale7374 E 2nd St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Last Minute 4th of July Deals: Alicia Markham

San Diego is always lots of fun and I found a deal at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. The premium resort is usually $324 a night and as of today they still have availability over the 4th for $199 a night. Head over here to book your room. The rate includes breakfast for two and parking. The resort gets AMAZING reviews!

If you're excited to head to Disneyland this Fourth of July, I found availability at the Hyatt Regency Orange County for $159 a night. This hotel is just 2 miles away from Downtown Disney. The Disneyland fireworks are sure to be spectacular and don't forget I have discount tickets available here for up to $32 off. Everyone can see the new Star Wars land now; no reservations are needed!

If you'd like to head up to Sedona and see the red rocks, I found a night at the Hampton Inn on the 4th for as low as $137, usually $191. Breakfast is included!

If you're staying home this Fourth of July, why not let someone else do the cooking? Famous Dave's will be offering Feast of July savings! July 4th-7th everyone will save $10 off the All-American BBQ Feast for 2 or $15 off the All-American Feast for 4-6!

Enjoy and Happy 4th!

For more information:

iBuyers & Realtors

The difference between using a professional vs using an iBuyer (direct buyer like OpenDoor).

When an iBuyer may be the right decision: Determining your sense of urgency (Do you need to close in less than a month or are you able to take more time), are you a distressed Seller (home is not in a condition to obtain market value, and you are unable to spend what's necessary to bring it to value), other reasons needed for a quick close.

When it's best to list your home with a Real Estate professional your home is in a position to be moved into immediately and is remotely current with modern trends, or you have the necessary funds to update your home for max value.

Quick and cheap things you can do to increase your home’s value. (If needed)

For more information:

Queen of Clean: Orange Cleaner, two ingredients, two ways, citrus bombs for your disposal

Citrus Cleaner Two Ways

  • This is a mild citrus cleaner for all hard surfaces including granite and other stones.
  • Take a quart jar and fill it with citrus peels. Use any peel or any combination of peels.
  • Pour enough water over the peels to cover them and fill the jar.
  • Allow this to marinate on the counter for about 4 weeks, giving the jar an occasional shake. At the end of 4 weeks, strain out the peels (put them down the disposal for a fresh clean smell), and dilute in a spray bottle by using half citrus solution and half water. Use to clean more delicate surfaces like granite, marble and as a general all-purpose cleaner.
  • Change this up to make a stronger disinfecting solution for all surfaces except marble, granite, travertine, etc.
  • Fill the quart jar with the fruit peels and cover them with white vinegar. Let marinate on the counter for about 4 weeks, strain out the peels (put them down the disposal for a fresh clean smell), and dilute in a spray bottle by using half citrus solution and half fresh white vinegar. Use as an all-purpose disinfecting spray.

To Use Both Cleaners: Spray and wipe

  • Once you strain the peels out, store any remaining concentrate in the refrigerator.

Disposal Citrus Bombs

  • Place 5-6 small pieces of citrus peels {lemons, oranges, limes, etc.} into an ice cube tray and fill up with vinegar. If you have any leftover citrus you can use that too.
  • Freeze until solid.
  • I generally make up two trays of citrus bombs when I do these. If you need the ice cube trays for other purposes, you can then transfer the cubes to a freezer bag or other freezer storage container once they are frozen
  • Drop several in the disposal, turn on cold water and run until they are completely broken down.
  • The Vinegar will disinfect, and the peels will freshen the smell.

For more information visit Linda's website: and Facebook:

Ocean Poke

Ocean Poke Co. It's the place to go when you're looking for amazing poke, delicious sushi bowls from a menu of healthy, high-quality food in a setting as welcoming as the people who work here.

For more information: or phone: (602) 283-5153

Ocean Poke: 3619 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018


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