Chef Kelley Foy with Merkin Vineyards Gelato Wagon loves to combine unique flavors in her gelatos.


4 cups half & half

2 cups Milk 

2 cups Cane sugar

1 bunch fresh mint leaves cups

1 cup chopped chocolate or chocolate chips


In a sauce pan, warm dairy and sugar on medium to high heat, whisking continuously until the sugar is dissolved completely creating your gelato base. Add mint and let it sit with the warm base for 10 – 15 minutes.

Cool down the gelato base in an ice bath using two large stainless steel bowls with ice and water in the bottom bowl and the second bowl on top of the ice and water.

Remove the mint by pouring the mixture through a strainer. Stir in chocolate chips.

Pour all contents into your ice cream maker and churn (follow your manufacturer’s instructions). 

Transfer gelato into a freezer safe sealed container and freeze overnight.

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