PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Summer is rapidly approaching and here in Phoenix we know better than most the importance of staying hydrated. 

Tess Rafols tested out five products for you to help keep you hydrated. 

KAQUN (Ca-coon)

Looks like a regular bottle of water...but it’s more than that. It’s oxygen-rich water. KAQUN uses a proprietary process where hydrogen is released while oxygen is retained partially as free oxygen --this makes KAQUN-- the only water that can deliver sustained oxygen directly to your cells for hours after you drink it—so water that improves our health, wellness and gives us energy!

Try it at or on Amazon

Baahtcha (BA-cha)

Thanks to Baahtcha Tea, you’ll be looking and feeling your best! Baahtcha has the highest quality matcha tea--sourced from a family-owned farm in the mountains of China--where matcha originated. What makes Baahtcha different? They claim their matcha sustains steady energy, boosts metabolism to burn fat, supports immune system with antioxidants, improves memory and concentration. Baahtcha tea contains chlorophyll which is known to rejuvenate and detoxify skin!

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Flower Pot Tea Company

Flower Pot Tea Company combines delicious and healthy tea with beautiful flowers for some of the prettiest and tastiest tea you will ever drink. These creative teas come wrapped in colorful foil with a surprise inside! While you steep the tea for 3-5 minutes you will watch the magic happen. Grown only in a single plantation adjoining a Buddhist temple.

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VADE Nutrition Protein Scoops

Always on the go and need to stay energized? Thanks to VADE Nutrition, you’ll be tossing, shaking and enjoying your protein fix! We first saw these on Shark Tank! They’re dissolvable protein scoops – the power-packed pods contain 100% high-quality whey isolate protein powder -- wrapped in a food-grade film that dissolve instantly when shaken or blended. Giving you a boost in a convenient, quick way!

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Purist Water Bottle

There are tons of different water bottles out there, but Purist combines the best of glassware and insulated stainless steel. You know how sometimes you get that weird taste from your water bottle? Well Purist uses innovative technology to create and unbreakable glass no funny taste. You can go from coffee or tea in the AM, rinse it out then put in water and it won't taste like coffee or tea. All day it won’t hold the taste of whatever you had in it before. The come in different kids fight over the FOUNDER+ the 32 oz. Purist bottles keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours, ice cold drinks for 24 hours! And to boot, Purist partners with community-based organizations to empower social and environmental change.

Try the water bottle at or on Amazon


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