(3TV/CBS 5) -- Sleep is the one thing we can all use more of.

On this Try it with Tess segment, Tess Rafols tried out five different products that can help you get better sleep:



It’s like a weighted blanket for your eyes!

By delivering the power of Weighted Sleep Therapy -- this is the way your body responds to gentle, constant pressure. This is why hugs feel good, and why babies get relief while swaddled.

Weighted Sleep Therapy naturally reduces stress and anxiety while promoting deep, restful sleep.

Each pod is weighted with soothing microbeads:

-Can sleep in any position comfortably

-Uses the power of Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation to naturally give you a good night’s sleep

-Blocks light

-Machine washable, dryer safe

-$29.99 for one nodpod™



-Som Sleep is the opposite of an energy drink. All you have to do is drink the small can 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep.

-Som Sleep is currently being used by over 60 teams in the NFL, NBA, & MLB and supported by an advisory board of doctors, nutritionists and personal trainers.

-Drug Free, Non-Habit Forming, Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan and sugar free.

-SOM Sleep includes active ingredients that are naturally found in your body, a healthy diet, and green tea. The drink is packed with Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and Melatonin- things to help promote relaxation and arm your body with nutritional support for healthy sleep patterns.

Only 40 calories! Best served chilled. Buy it online at getsom.com, Amazon and starting April 8, available at Walmart.

4-pack under $10, 24-pack under $60

BlissLights SKYLITE


Get your mind ready for bed with Blisslights Skylights. Plug it in and watch thousands of stars move -it sets a peaceful ambiance in the bedroom. Who doesn't love the calmness of the night sky, right? My kids love this. Also serves as a nightlight. SKYLITE will hopefully help you drift off into sleepy space.

--Titling design allows you to shine the effect on walls or ceiling.

--various light effects

--Gorgeous sky-like appearance

Under $50



Sound Oasis takes care of the noise pollution with World’s Smallest Sound Machine. We know white noise helps clear your mind and give you better sleep...now it's in this little box.

-You can keep it on all night or use built-in timer to fall asleep.

-10 different tones of white noise

-Comes with rechargeable battery and a USB cable to charge it

-Premium earbud headphones

Under $30



Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories is a free app on mobile and tablet that features soft melodies, calming voice with guided relaxations and soothing sounds.

The Moshi Twilight app's audio Sleep Stories help kids settling down for sleep when used as part of a regular bedtime routine - its use of audio stories prevent the need for children to look at a screen at that time of night.

73% of families using the app saying their kids drifted off to sleep faster, on average 20 minutes a night faster than their usual bedtime routine.

-You can find the Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories App in the Apple Store, Google Play and on Amazon's App Store.


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