PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- It’s a form of art called “bombing,” also known as graffiti. Which is perfect for the artist known as “A-Bomb.”

“My science teacher held a book over my desk and asked the class what happens when you split atoms and slammed the book on the desk and said atom bomb. The entire class laughed and the same stuck,” says A-Bomb.

But Adam Vigil’s love of art started way before he got his nickname that fateful day. His mom says he would sit at a table and draw for hours and hours. Not only did all those hours spent at the table help him get better, they also kept him off the streets in a pretty bad part of town.

“Art saved my life. I have several friends who are still locked up and several who passed away due to the gang violence growing up,” says Vigil.

But years later and after many murals, art saved his life again. Responsibility kicked in after his wife got pregnant and he had to provide for his soon-to-be son. So, he put his dreams of being an artist behind him and got a job working for a glass company.

“As I was prying the channel open with a screwdriver, the screwdriver slipped and went through my left eye, straight through my left pupil. There was a flash, a literal flash of all the art, everything I’ve done, that I wasn't going to be able to do anymore because the loss of my left eye, especially graffiti... it's a big depth perception game,” says Vigil.

A-Bomb is now blind in his left eye and has a prosthetic. After an initial struggle he turned his focus back to his true passion and got back to business bombing.

His success has taken off and it has a lot to do with the home he has found on Roosevelt Rowe. Now “A-Bomb” is continuing a style of art that reflects his culture and where he grew up, while inspiring artists who come after him.

“Find whatever it is you like and focus on it. Master that craft, do something with it every day. You put a thousand hours to anything and you're going to be great at it,” says Vigil.

He has started the to help families pay for funeral expenses after losing a child.

Proceeds from the sale of his art will go to the foundation.

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