PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)--More than 120 dogs and cats from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control boarded a plane at Sky Harbor International Airport. They are headed to shelters and adopters in Seattle to find forever homes.

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It was organized by the non-profit Wings of Rescue. The CEO Ric Browde said it flies at risk pets from overcrowded shelters and disaster areas to other locations in hopes of finding them homes.

“The Maricopa Animal Care and Control Center is overcrowded, and they needed kennel space there are several shelters in Seattle that are empty and are just crying out for pets and have got adopters waiting,” said Browde.

 Browde said many adoptable and healthy pets are being euthanized in shelters due to overcrowding. Its Wings of Rescue’s mission to relocate to keep that from happening and relocate the animals.

“Unfortunately, there’s a drastic need because people are not providing the best animal care. some people in the community they are not vaccinating their pets, they are not microchipping their pets and above all they are not neutering or spaying their pets,” said Browde.

Wings of Rescue also relocates animals displaced due to natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes and fires. Since its inception in 2013, Wings of Rescue has flown 31,000 pets to safety.


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Don't try to tell me these shelters need donations of any kind when the can afford to waste thousands shipping mutts around the country. he77 most people cannot afford to fly to Flagstaff but expect those same people to pay for this inane waste.


Wings of rescue is funding this. not the maricopa county shelter.
And it is more expensive to fly to Flagstaff than to Chicago


But just exactly where does "Wings of rescue" get their money to fly. Airplanes cost over $100 an hour to fly and someone has to pay for it. It is a total waste of resources that could well be used to help children in hospitals around the country. People who donate to things like this are sick.


Some people want to help animals.... I don't fault them. If they treat animal lives above human lives (aka abortion), then we can have this discussion.

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