Why Book Club?

I’ve ALWAYS loved reading. From the days of becoming completely engrossed in the magic of Island of the Blue Dolphins in about third grade, to reading Little Women myself for the first time, reading has been one of my greatest pleasures for as long as I can remember.

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Books are an awesome escape, education, and adventure. Whether a book leaves you feeling inspired, emotional, amused, even annoyed, it leaves you slightly different than you were before. We all know that without change there is no growth, and growth is a good thing.

As adults we have a lot of (legitimate) excuses for not making time for ourselves, and for hobbies enjoyed in the past. There’s NEVER enough time, right?

Between relationships, family, careers, bills, meals, maybe dating, chauffeuring kids, emails,(not to mention the hours sacrificed at the altar of social media). Sitting down with a book becomes a less frequent occurrence. A gift we enjoy receiving, can gift ourselves, yet still don’t think we (or the book) is worth it often enough.

So for 2019, when setting my intentions for the year, I made myself this promise: Make more time for what I love. Carve out more moments that are quiet, fill them with a story that takes me outside my own daily life. Books feed the brain, they can touch the soul, they can help to quiet the mind.

A lot of times at the start of the year we are focused on external stuff. The goals that’ll show: losing weight, making or saving more money, new title at work, getting the kids to accomplish (fill in the blank!)…That is all awesome! We all want that stuff. We all have areas in our lives where we know we can do better. We all have dreams and we all want to feel proud. 

But we can’t do any of that without taking care of ourselves. Self-care is a buzz term right now. Definition: “the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.”

So are you doing that? Let us be so of the moment and practice self-care as we kick off this year. We can do better in how we treat ourselves. I’m going to start by giving myself more time to read, as a way to quiet life’s stresses and free my mind. It is cheaper than a massage or retail-therapy, and it can be so rewarding. Even a bad book is better than no book (I say the same thing about concerts and theater).

The added perk of a book club? A book read by strangers makes those strangers immediate friends. That is the beauty of a book club. It is the simplest connection, the best conversation starter, and an easy way to motivate yourself to give yourself just what you need: a little quiet time to read.

I’m excited to launch Olivia’s Book Club with the expectations of sharing and supporting, and providing that gentle kick in the booty to make time to read. I can’t wait for you to share your thoughts on our reading list through the year, join in on Facebook Live chats, suggest other books and tricks to help us find the time, along with any other book related “brainfood” you know we need.

Cheers to reading more in 2019 and a new group of friends as a bonus!

Happy reading!

xo, Olivia  

Olivia Fierro anchors 3TV's Good Morning Arizona weekdays alongside  Scott Pasmore. 

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