PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- It’s 2020 and a lot of folks take the plunge into pet ownership over the holidays. Bringing a fur baby home is incredible because they have so much unconditional love to give. But you’re going to want to have the right products on hand to make the transition - for you and your pet - as smooth as possible. Here are some cool must-haves for pets in the new year:

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Kitty Poo Club

Nowadays, there is a subscription service for everything. This one takes the “ew” out of “meow.”

• Kitty Poo Club is an all-in-one cat litter and litter box subscription service.

• The box is 100% recycled materials.

• Each month, you receive a new box, and Kitty Poo Club’s exclusive odor-destroying litter.

• There is no clumping or scooping with this litter.

• Shipping is free, and the website has recently added food and treats that your cat may love.

• For just $21.49 per month at, Kitty Poo Club is less expensive, easier, cleaner and fresher than traditional store-bought litter.

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Kitty Cardboard

While we’re talking about your feline friends, we can’t miss Kitty Cardboard.

• These are fun cardboard boxes that keep your kitty healthy and active.

• Cats love being in and around these boxes, which fit small and medium-sized cats.

• They’ve been proven to help your kitty adapt to a new environment, so they can really help when you bring home a new cat.

• And for social media lovers, pictures of cats in these fun and festive playhouses are post-PURRfect.

• You can get your kitty one today for $24.99 at


Tired of wearing your pet’s hair all over your clothes?

FurZapper is a safe, reusable and effective way to remove pet hair from your next load of laundry.

• Place FurZapper Pet Fur remover with your laundry in your washer.

• Transfer your laundry, and FurZapper into the dryer with your clothes.

• FurZapper gently loosens and disposes of pet fur and hair down your drain or into your lint trap.

• No need to wash FurZapper - it is self-cleaning in your clothes washer so just throw it back in the washer for the next load!

• $14.99 buys a 2-pack at

Safety Dog Leash

When you’re walking your dog using a retractable leash, which are so popular, you need the Safety Dog Leash.

• This patented leash add-on attaches your retractable leash to you.

• If your pup gets distracted and tries to take off, even if you lose your grip, the leash will stay connected to you thanks to the Safety Dog Leash.

• If you have arthritis or other issues that may make it difficult to maintain a tight grip, this will help you maintain control over your leash and your pet.

• Safety Dog Leash also allows you to go “hands-free” to tie your shoe, utilize your poop bags, or shake someone’s hand.

• This is a must-have for any dog-owner and can be found at for $16.95.

Hearth Hounds

The holidays have just passed, but you can get a jump on next season by ordering a unique stocking for your new pup that just looks just like him!

• Almost every breed is available.

• Unlike the old-school needlepoint image stockings, these are high-end soft faux-fur stockings that are fully lined and beautifully embellished.

• For just $34.99 at They look beautiful hung near your dog’s toys/bed even when the holidays have passed.

ASDF Print

Print that face! You can get blankets, hoodies, phone case, purse ... even a zip-up doggie hoodie for your dog, with your face on it!

• Price $49.00 for the hoodie, but give yourself some time to get, it took about 3 weeks to get here. Visit for more.


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