PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)--Xavier Contreras has wanted to work in law enforcement since he was a kid, dreaming of becoming a SWAT Officer.

"I know you got to work your way up, I think it's like four years on the streets and then you could move up to SWAT. That would be the plan for me if I were to go through the entire process," says the 21 year old.

However after failing the exam to get into the Phoenix Police Department twice, he wanted to give up. His Mom Tracy Contreras was not going to let that happen.

"The main thing was I said don't let this test defeat you. Even if you decide not to go into law enforcement, take the test and pass it for your own peace of mind," according to Mom.

Interestingly enough, Tracy has always wanted to be in law enforcement too. So after a conversation with her Husband, she decided she was going to take the test to get into the Phoenix Police Department and join her Son.

Tracy says "I studied with him and said let's take the test together. I'll take the test with you that way I can see what it's about. If you fail it again, I can work with you on comprehending the questions a little more."

Both Xavier and Tracey took the test and that seemed to make all the difference says Xavier.

"Just knowing she was in the room with me, taking the same test made me feel comfortable. I didn't know any of those people in there."

And what do you know? They both passed! Xavier describes the moment.

"Normally when they give you the paper they turn it upside down so no one else sees. However they gave me my paper right side up in front of everybody and I was like yeah, I passed."

And after Mom passed too, there was only one other thing to ask. Who got the higher score?

"Uuum I did! Not to brag," says Tracey.

The two will now move forward in the process to becoming a Phoenix Police Officer. However this process has taught them two important lessons, family first and never give up.

Tracey says "It's just a really exciting moment and to do this together and to accomplish it together, it's pretty fun. I'm enjoying it."

"For my parents to be supporting this is awesome. Whatever else I do I know they have my back and they'll be there supporting me," say Xavier.

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