Couples living apart

They met six years ago when he came out to interview her for a story he was working on.

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Typically, couples meet, fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after, right? Not necessarily.

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Now more couples are bucking tradition and choosing to live happily ever after in separate homes *no rings attached.

Melissa Gable and Scott Craven are one of those couples.

They met six years ago when he came out to interview her for a story he was working on. They fell in love but agreed from the get-go that a walk down the aisle wasn't in the cards.

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"We have no desire to get married and no desire to live together," Gable said.

In fact, they are part of a growing number of couples choosing to live apart and, they say, stay happy.

"I've got my space, he's got his space and it's actually the best relationship I've ever been in," she continued.

They live just a few miles from each other and only get together on the weekends.

"If he calls me during the week I get a little panicky that something's wrong and that's why he's calling because normally we don't even talk during the week," she said.

And that, they claim, makes their time together that much more special.

"He makes me laugh so I know if I've had a bad week I'll see him Friday after work and I'm going to see him and have a great time. So we don't take each other for granted," she said.

Scott said their time together ends up feeling like what he calls their greatest hits.

"There's always stuff to talk about, we're riffing off one another, we have similar tastes," he said.

It also eliminates every day challenges many couples face. She has cats, he's allergic. They have hobbies the other isn't interested in. And their spending habits could hardly be different.

The couple vacations together often but says at the ends of those trips they're ready to come home and go their separate ways.

Scott and Melissa admit this lifestyle isn't for everyone, especially young couples who may want and need to experience a traditional relationship for perspective. But they are proving it's definitely for them.

"Maybe we're not married, maybe we don't live together but we're really happy."

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