MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- -- It's a new year, and many folks are looking for a new style. So we turned to some Valley experts to find out what's hot in hair trends for 2020.

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Dana Barbetta is a third-generation stylist and the founder and owner of LUV Salon in Mesa, located on Recker Road just south of Loop 202 in Mesa.

"LUV" stands for "Love Ur Vibe," and the new bright, airy salon certainly gives off a vibe of serenity and peace... a place you can feel comfortable and find a style that makes you feel great, inside and out.

Our Tess Rafols visited LUV on Tuesday and talked to Barbetta about what's new in hair trends for 2020. 

Highlights around the face

If you're nervous about a drastic color change, Barbetta suggests taking baby steps. One way to do that is to put some highlights right around your face, which brings the focus to your facial features. "For right now, we're keeping it darker in the base and blond pieces around the front," she says.


Ginger is one of the hottest new hues for the coming season. "You're starting to see the warm tones come back," Barbetta tells us. "Having ginger throughout the hair, with the strawberry and blond, is just gorgeous."

A pop of color

Feeling bold? Try a hint of blue, pink or plum on the very ends of your hair, with "dip-dyed ends." "It's a fun new way to add a pop of color without completely changing your whole head," Barbetta tells us. Another hot new color trend is "opal blonde" with iridescent hues.

Visit the salon's extension wall to check out all the hair colors and maybe try something new by adding color or even popping in a few extensions. "We offer complimentary consultations," Barbetta said. "They can just come in and see what we can do for them!"

Extension wall at LUV

Extension wall at LUV 

Retro cuts

Everything old is new again when it comes to your hair! Remember the "Rachel" cut made popular by Jennifer Aniston on "Friends"? Retro styles are all the rage.


"Bobs are huge this season," Barbetta tells us. They include a super-short bob, and bobs for longer hair. Picture a re-imagined '60s blow-out look. "It's a longer bob," Barbetta explains. And she says just about everyone can pull it off. "A longer bob? Anyone can wear it."


Bangs are back! And they look great on a face of any shape.

Shag cuts

Shag cuts are great for showing off layers and colors. "What they're doing is keeping the strong perimeter, but keeping a lot of layers through here, and a lot of movement." she says. "Just fun and easy to wear."

More about Dana

Barbetta and her team travel to hair shows around the country to get ideas and bring back the latest trends to customers. And it's paying off. Guests rave about the high level of service and personal care that stylists deliver to every customer.

Dana Barbetta and some of the LUV team

Dana Barbetta and some of the LUV team

And just walking into the salon provides a Zen-like experience right off the bat. It's clean, sleek, and was designed with feng shui to create a pleasant setting for stylists and clients alike. It also has some amazing fresh elements. The centerpiece of the salon is a giant "living wall" featuring 1,200 live plants.  

Living plant wall inside LUV

Wow! The "living wall" featuring 12,000 live plants.  

Barbetta has overcome both personal and professional obstacles on her journey to make her LUV Salon a reality. And the vision to create beautiful hair runs in her family. She worked for years at her parents' salon in Mesa before opening her own business in Gilbert.  Now, she's brought her top-notch team to Mesa again, opening LUV Salon with strong support from her family and friends.

LUV Salon

3204 N. Recker Road, Mesa, AZ 85215


Visit the salon's website, Facebook or Instagram for more information.


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