SCOTTSDALE, AZ (Jaime's Local Love) -- How often do you hear "My feet hurt!" from your girlfriends after a night out? Or maybe you're the one saying it. Two years ago, Candace was "that girl." You know, the one walking around barefoot carrying her shoes in her hand. She'd always loved the aesthetics of high heels but could never wear them for long because they were hard on her sensitive feet.

With her background in mechanical engineering from MIT, she told all her friends she was going to tackle the problem. Nobody believed she could do it. High heels have been around for centuries, and most women have an ingrained association of high heels and pain. Undeterred, Candace locked herself in her house for 18 months, experimenting and prototyping like a mad scientist.

She also spent weeks in lounges and restaurants all over Scottsdale, drawing inspiration from the most popular styles.

In total, she took apart 20+ pairs of heels from the thrift store to learn how they were constructed. She then created 67 different prototypes before she was finally happy with both the look and feel. She ultimately created a high heel with zero pain points: no forefoot pain, arch fatigue, straps digging into your skin, or wobbling steps. Protégé Footwear was born.

Exterior beauty isn't enough. You need to look good and feel good! What good are beautiful shoes when they hurt so bad you can't walk confidently in them?


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