Busted 2 Bangin

SCOTTSDALE (Jaime's Local Love) -- Busted 2 Bangin is a home decor store with a bold name and a story to tell. Friends and family often call the owners, Eric Jimenez and Garrett Loomis, the "Dynamic Duo" because of their success in the hair and makeup industry. When COVID-19 canceled events, many of their appointments were canceled, too.

But this couple's passion for style transcends the beauty industry, and they turned their side hustle into a brick-and-mortar business with Busted 2 Bangin. Transformations are "their thing," whether in hair and makeup or home makeovers.

Eric and Garrett have been together for 10 years. When they bought their first home together in 2015, their passion for home renovation and decoration was born. Over the next five years, Eric and Garrett bought, renovated, and sold homes together. Not only did their homes sell within days of going on the market, but their expertise in home decor was becoming a sought-after talent. Their enthusiasm and love for interior decor were unstoppable.

As they started their new business venture, they thought about their most-loved items that fit into an everyday lifestyle. They decided that candles would be the first product they introduced to their beloved clients. After selling out in less than 24 hours, a much bigger dream blossomed.

Busted 2 Bangin is constantly evolving to help transform any space in your home. They carefully curate their merchandise, including plants, matches, wooden beads, bowls, pillows, books, atmosphere spray, and the work of local artisans.

The rest, they say, is to be continued.

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