PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Have we gotten used to the masks yet? It doesn't seem like they'll will be going away anytime soon, and for some people the whole look has become quite the fashion statement. And, because of the masks, the focal point, no doubt, seems to be completely centered on, you guessed it, the eyes.

Masks are making a real impact on the beauty business. But, if facial coverings are here to stay, we might as well figure out how to make our eyes stand out, without spending a ton of money. So, let's put our best face forward.

It wasn't hard to find subjects who agreed.

"I definitely feel like most of the attention is on my eyes," Erica Shipione tells us from a procedure room inside Arizona Facial Plastics. "It's usually the only part of my face I put make up on anymore."

Erica is diving into a little upper face rejuvenation, because, like many of us, she's covered up under a mask most of the day. So, her focus lately has been on improving the half of her face you can actually see.

Lena Bettis feels the same way.

"I could care less about a lot of other things on my face, but I just want to make sure my eyebrows look good," Lena tells us as she gets her brows perfectly manicured.

A 2020 pandemic--now changing the face of beauty.

At Arizona Facial Plastics, they're seeing clients here, hyper-focusing, north of the nose.

"Now that they're looking more at their eyes, it's becoming more of a focus," says Owner Felicia Taghizadeh. "People have been coming in a lot more than usual, which has been really interesting. I think they're not traveling as much, and they're seeing themselves on Zoom calls, and they're saying, what can I do about this."

Fillers and Botox are the ole' stand-by's, but, today, Erica is giving radio frequency treatments a try. She's hoping to tighten and smooth the skin around her eyes. These treatments can run around $199 dollars, and they recommend four treatments, one each week.

"When I'm tired, my eyes are a give-away. I think this will help with the puffiness I see in the morning," says Erica.

But, Felicia says, easy and less-expensive rejuvenation from the grocery store can also help.

"This first one is kind of funny. It's Preparation H," she explains.

It contains a vasoconstrictor that can help with puffiness around the eyes, she tells us. She also suggests trying a 20 dollar eye roller, or using tea bags on your eyes for 3 to 5 minutes.

Now that your skin's looking younger, you could try framing your "view" with perfect brows. At Beautif-EYE Studios where it's always been, "all about the eyes," there's now renewed attention.

"We thread, shape your brow, get them perfect, we're also able to tint brows, and tint lashes," says Owner Mercie Loftus.

Mercie explains that even the slightest enhancement can create the illusion of a lifted brow. Threading is less than $20 dollars, and can change a person's whole look. For more drama, they also do micro-blading for around $500.00 dollars.

For the appearance of a wider eye, eyelash extensions, perms and tints can make those peepers pop. The price tag here can range between $65 for eyelash perming to about $100 dollars and more for full volume lashes.

"Like pop, it's so crazy!" says Mercie. "Especially for clients who have more straight or flat lashes, it's going to open those eyes up so much."

As for adding glamour with make-up, well, that industry has also seen a "pandemic-effect." The Business Insider reports, eye makeup sales were up 204% earlier this year, while lipstick sales dropped 15-percent on Amazon. And, right now on social media, the hashtag "mask-make-up" is a thing. And what's more, some of those popular how-to videos on getting the perfect mask make-up look, have been getting upwards of 50 million views.

For all you do-it-yourselfers, Felicia suggests avoiding eye creams with thick Shea Butter. She says it's just too rich for the delicate skin under the eyes. And, when it comes to eyebrows, Mercie recommends you never over-tweeze, and learn to fill-in your brows with pencils or powders, which they help teach their clients.

Let's face it, masks might be here to stay for some time, so, what's the harm in a little enhancement? A little can go a long way, so don’t worry about spending thousands, to feel like a million bucks.


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