Sienna Stark

PHOENIX (Good Morning Arizona) -- She's on her way to becoming one of the youngest yogis in the country. Phoenix resident Sienna Stark is just 12 years old, and she only needs a few more hours of training to become a certified yoga instructor. But even before the official certification, she's already teaching yoga to kids. Sienna is the founder of YogieFlow, a web-based yoga and meditation program designed for kids by a kid.

"I made this because it's really hard to get into a yoga studio if you're under the age of 18. And if you can get in, they treat us like babies," sienna explained. "So, I wanted to make a real, authentic platform for kids."

The tween hopes to show other kids how yoga is beneficial for all ages., helping them find their inner peace, improve their athletic abilities, and gain self-confidence. Sienna says it's not about how flexible you can be, but rather what you can do with your mind. ​

Sienna Stark

"The real reason we do poses is so we can meditate longer," she explained. "So, we prepare our body to meditate so you can learn to calm down and detach from those difficult emotions. So, you're happier, calmer, and have more energy."​

Yogieflow is designed for kids between the ages of 5 and 16. There's a free two-week trial right now. For more information, check out


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