(3TV/CBS 5) − Is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) the Fountain of Youth? 

Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent every year on products, treatments, and procedures described as "anti-aging." 

For some, it is about looking your best or feeling revitalized. For others, it is about pursuing longevity: the hopes of contributing to their own radical life extension. 

James Strole, founder of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, and Laurie Handlers, a member of the community, do whatever they can to achieve the highest quality of life for as long as they can. 

Both receive treatments at Scottsdale's KaiZen Medical Group with Dr. Steve Hruby, who is also a member of the longevity community. Currently, each are experiencing positive results from the latest protocol: NAD patches. 

NAD is naturally present in the body but diminishes over time. Researchers believe adding it back in will repair DNA and ultimately reverse, or at least slow, the aging process. 

"What NAD is doing is it is recharging your mitochondria," Hruby says. "They notice that their energy improves and strength and endurance improves."

Handlers, 71, says on the treatment she feels strong and energetic. Another bonus is the deeper sleep that is accompanied by vivid dreams.

"While I was on the patches, I dreamed I was on tour with The Beatles," Hruby says.

"I notice things like I'm sleeping better," Strole says, of the NAD patch protocol. "I have more energy, overall better sense of well-being."

Dr. Hruby says there are NAD supplements on the market, but calls the absorption through the patches more effective. One round costs $700 and is administered at home over eleven days. 

"I'm more energetic now, I'm happy, I have a future. I don't feel like its the end, or I'm winding down my life. That is ridiculous", Handlers said.

For more information on NAD treatment or other wellness strategies at KaiZen Medical, call (480) 941-2147 or visit www.kzmedicalgroup.com.

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