CAVE CREEK, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- It's a storage unit you turn into a man cave! If you've never heard of it before, or even seen one, check this out.

Sports cars, hot rods, classic collectibles, motorcycles, RVs – they're bigger toys and they obviously require bigger boxes. And we found just the place.

It's called the Toy Barn and we visited one located in Cave Creek. Basically, it's a spot where you rent a luxury garage suite, much like you would rent a condo, but instead, this place is exclusively to house your toys. It's an idea father and son team Paul and Jason Phillips just happened to stumble upon.

"We started Toy Barn almost as a happy accident," says co-owner and son Jason. "We had a piece of real estate we weren’t sure what to do with.

"Through a few acquaintances, the idea of a luxury storage facility came to be."

But not just a place to store your things and leave, if you check out some of these garages, you'll see, these man caves can make for some relaxing and enjoyable moments to spend time with family and friends.

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And some of them are decked out with top-notch amenities.

"Many units are decorated with classic auto signs, posters, furniture, kitchens, a few even have a bathroom and shower installed," he tells us.

Each luxury garage suite or "toy barn" is climate-controlled and fully customizable, where owners can install TVs, a wine fridge, work areas, lounges, or whatever they can dream up for the ultimate escape.

They also come equipped with a club house where owners can gather for happy hours or other events. During the cooler months, on the first Saturday of every month a “cars and coffee” social hour is held where people come out, roll up their garage doors, have coffee and socialize.

"Many have found friends and like-minded individuals that share similar interests and love to gather," Jason tells us.

And, he says, while here, you'll never know who you'll meet.

"It’s incredible the variety of people we have met, what their stories and pasts have been and what they store," he says. "For example, one of our owners is a Vietnam veteran and he collects a variety of memorabilia.

"His unit is almost like walking into a mini museum."

And some will anxiously want to show off their collections, and tour you around their space.

Jason says it still blows him away to walk into some of these garages and see the cars that live here.

"Beautiful classic cars – ’57 Chevys, Corvettes, Porsche 911s, Ferraris and McLarens," Jason says.

But no strangers to the collector world themselves, this father and son duo also take full advantage of their idea and house a few toys of their own.

"My dad and I both own a few things we store," Jason says. "My dad is a collector of Indian motorcycles. He likes to buy bikes that need a little T.L.C and spend his time restoring them."

And when Jason isn't working, flying is a bit of a hobby for him, so he's been utilizing Toy Barn as well.

"I got my pilots license three years ago and then purchased a Cirrus SR22 plane," Jason says.

So what does a place like this go for? Well, if you're into luxury toys, it might cost you a pretty penny to store your favorite things. Prices will range and depend upon the customizable parts you'll need for your unit and where your garage is located.

But typically you might expect dollar amounts to begin in the high $100,000 range and go up from there.

If this is something you're considering, Toy Barn can be found in Cave Creek and Lone Mountain with three new locations of their upscale garage storage centers opening in Scottsdale, Chandler and Lone Mountain North.

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Jessica Parsons is a segment producer and reporter for Good Morning Arizona.  She has a knack for great storytelling so be sure to watch Good Morning Arizona to catch one of her stories.

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