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Wally Cahill

Wally Cahill is known as "The Original Motorsports Maniac" from coast to coast.  And whether he is in Charlotte, North Carolina covering NASCAR events or Phoenix-based racers away from home as a video production contractor for NASCAR, interviewing NHRA racers here at our local drag strip, or testing the latest electric motorcycles or automobiles that will shock you, it is always about PERFORMANCE in Wally's World!

Wally Cahill

Wally has spent over 30 years in motor sports marketing and media with experience ranging from being published in countless international magazines, hosting his own local radio show for 5 years or hosting his own regional weekly Motorsports Mania TV show on Fox Sports Arizona. Wally likes to say he is known for participating in the two oldest races in the USA (The Indy 500 & The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb).

Wally joined our Good Morning Arizona Sunday morning news crew in 2008 and has tested cars weekly for us (over 500 and counting) giving viewers his expert opinion both on and off the race track in everything from economy cars to cars reserved only for our dreams or the rich and famous.

Wally is always listening to the pulse of the auto industry and is available for your questions, comments, or requests via email  or on Facebook.  

Be sure to watch every Sunday morning for a breath of fresh air and a smile as he mixes performance, great information and humor seamlessly with our morning team.

Sit down, strap in, and hold on for the fastest car review in Arizona!

One final note from Wally... he says that most importantly he is a father and grandfather, a sometimes cat lover, an avid dog lover, even though his Jack Russell "Skidmark" will tell you he's the brains behind Wally's Time to Drive segment.

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