PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)--Did you plant a winter lawn or some new plants during the cooler weather?

Well, you could be over watering and wasting money.

This is an easy way to make sure your winter lawn is getting the right amount of water, but it works year-round for Bermuda grass too!

Canyon Jordensen is with the City of Phoenix Water Department and had some helpful for some tips.

He showed CBS 5 This Morning's Ian Schwartz the screw driver test. To see if you’re water the right amount, push a six to eight inch screwdriver into the grass.

If it goes in without resistance, you are watering enough and can even scale back a little bit.

Jordensen also said if it rains, be sure to turn off your sprinklers to save money.

Jordensen also recommends to not water during the day and only at night to cut back on evaporation and water lose.

Each season brings different watering needs, so you need to adjust to them.

The city has a cool text reminder to help you out too.

"If you text ‘when to water’ to 33222, you will get monthly reminder alerts telling you to adjust your controller to the proper season,” Jorgensen said. 

He added that it's all about balancing water output with water needs. 

“The first thing is make sure we know how much water are plants actually need," he said. "Two we need to know how much our system actually applies, three how do we marry how much our water puts out to how much our plants actually need," Jorgensen added. 

The City of Phoenix has tons of resources on how to save water, head to their website to find out more.

An Arizona native, born and raised in Mesa, and graduate of Arizona State University, meteorologist Ian Schwartz brings you the forecast weekday mornings on CBS 5 This Morning.

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or... don't grow winter grass and don't water from Oct through end of April

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