PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Even in retirement some of us work to keep busy or for some extra money, but what do you do if you have a résumé that is 20 years old?

You'll want to update it, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

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The first thing is to keep it short! You probably have decades of experience that could fill up pages, but keep your résumé to one, two pages max. It's a busy world and nobody is going to spend a ton of time reading it.

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Next, make sure you are using a program that employers have, like Microsoft Word.

Nobody drops off paper résumés anymore, so you need to type it and email it or upload your résumé to a website. The document needs to be in a format that your future boss can open.

Only list jobs that are relevant to the position. Don't write down that you were a locker boy or lifeguard when you were a teenager. Your employer doesn't care and it will only waste the time of the person reading your résumé.

Less is more. Get rid of outdated résumé speak. Phrases like referral available upon request need to go. Employees will ask you for them if they need a reference.

Don't use a lot of fancy, $10,000 words either. Managers can sniff that stuff out. Try to be as clear as possible to get your point across. Avoid 'Dear sir' or 'madame.' The better option is to try and find out their hiring manager's name if you can and use that.

If you are starting a new career, don't just list what your skills are or have been in the past. Some of them might be outdated. There is value though in showing a new employer how those skills can be used today.

Try to leave out words that waste time and do little to show why you are the best choice. Don't use words like hard working. Everyone works hard! And you're expected to!

Team player is another one. An employee is expected to work well with the team. Instead, try and list something specific about how you stood out in a team or something you accomplished by working together.

For some sample résumés and other tips, check out this article by AARP.

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