(3TV/CBS 5) -- It's no secret, sometimes women feel they have a harder time negotiating a good deal on a car, simply because they are a woman.

Cathy Droz has not had that experience.

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"I never had a problem buying cars. I started out at a very young age. I would go out with my dad and shop," Droz says.

As a career journalist in the auto industry, she knows a thing or two about cars and the sometimes painful process of purchasing one.

She wrote a book called "A Women's Guide To Buying A Car With Confidence And Street Smarts: Don't Let These High Heels Fool You."

"Just because we are wearing heels, and are female, doesn't mean we don't know what we are doing," Droz says. 

After her book, Droz says so many women reached out to her about bad experiences at dealerships, and that inspired her to create her company.

"H is for honesty. E for Excellent. R for respect. It's what women want," Droz says.

She goes to dealerships to put employees through special training.

"I'm educating them on how men and women think differently, and I teach how they can maybe have more women buy from them, not sell, and how they can raise the CSI which is customer satisfaction," she says.

Arizona's Family attended a training session at the Jeep dealership at Scottsdale Airpark where Droz explained some of the issues happening when a woman walks into a dealership alone.

"She is being told often times, 'Is your husband coming or shouldn't we wait and see if there is gonna be a man coming.' Times have changed and sales people know better than that. But they are still shaking hands with a man first," she says.

She educates women in sales as well.

"I tell them it's not a free pass. My research suggest that women will judge women even more harshly than the male because they are expecting to be treated the way they want," says Droz.

As for the customer, man or women, Droz says to go in prepared to make a deal you feel good about. Information is power. Heels or not.

"Already know your credit score. Already know what you want," Droz says.

Droz says she is seeing a shift in more women being hired in sales positions and more powerful positions being filled by women in the auto industry.

Here is the list of the dealerships in town that are High Heel Certified: https://hercertified.com/her-certified-dealers/

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Wow, this is extremely offensive and sexist. AZ Family should be ashamed at giving this kind of sexist garbage a platform. I thought this was 2019.


"High heeled" certified?? About as sexist as you can get, don't ya think?? All you broads out there should be offended...

JF Conlon

Did the '60's ever happen or was I just dreaming? Do women have to do this all over again? No, I wsn't a hippie/druggie/young republican.

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