(3TV/CBS 5) -- Maybe you are one of thousands of Americans retiring and considering moving to Mexico.

A new survey done by Expats in Mexico reveals more than 80 percent of baby boomers say they will retire in Mexico. Half say they will make the move in the next two years.

The Mexican government reports more than 1.2 million people from different countries were living in Mexico through 2017.

Steve Schwab is the co-founder of Casago, a property management and vacation rental company with 2,300 properties in the U.S. and Mexico.

He says make sure you have a solid plan to make the move before jumping in.

"We've had a lot of boomers who bought in the early 2000s, late 1990s and now that they have gone into retirement, in the golden years, they are actually moving into these properties and moving into Mexico. If you are thinking about moving into Mexico there are a couple of things you should look out for. Try it before you buy it. Make sure the city you are choosing has good accessibility to come back. A lot of people might move to a city that it is difficult to go back and forth to. Make sure that the healthcare fits your needs," says Schwab.

Most retirees who relocate to Mexico are from the U.S. and Canada.

The cost of living and great weather year-round are two of the main reasons why they choose to retire there.

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(15) comments


I've only researched it a little. I'm not sure it is that much cheaper than America.


Woodstock? You tried to sale it to us younger generations as it being ANYTHING other than what it really was... a bunch of drug addict cowards who hate America, getting high. To this day the miserable failed at life boomers are still addicts. Ever see how much vodka they buy? See them recently up and arms about their precious opioids being taken away? That is how they fuel and hide their addictions.. behind an RX! Look around you look at our current and recent leaders. Democrats, Republicans, Liberals... I dont care what political party you claim to be. Boomers have mange to divide and ruin this great country. MAGA will only happen after they are all gone. They have the odasity to cry foul because Kaepernick silently took a knee?? Haha boomers are garbage.


I can't wait till your generation dies off.


I would like to start a go fund me to pay for All Baby boomers to move out of this country. Mexico, Canada... heck even Guiana to a lovely place called Jonestown!
Baby Boomers are the worst generation this country has ever seen.
They are by far the least patriotic.. as they hurled dog feces at our troops returning from war... they dodge the draft... Heck, the fact that a draft even had to be initiated because these pansies wouldn't volunteer... Do any Google search of the war and see how it was over shadowed by these cowards with their protest. Some even flying the enemies flag and denouncing America. Bunch of pansies.. I love and pray for my brothers and sisters who served honorably. I tip my hat to Vietnam vets, my heart bleeds for them that they had to return to such garbage people. And now these are the same people wearing their "these colors dont run" t-shirts and like the snowflakes that they are, they can't even go to home depot with out their "emotional support pets".. Haha!


So all baby boomers dodged the draft? Really? Nothing like volunteering to fight in an umoral war. We had no business being there. History has shown that. Peaceful protest is an American right. Sorry the protests upset you snowflake.


Please read the article. Your headline says 80% of boomers are moving to Mexico. It actually says 80% of respondents to the survey will retire when they move to Mexico, rather than work.

JF Conlon

Thanks for that. People commenting here tend to get a bit overwrought at times.


Buh bye. You guys won't be missed. Enjoy Mexico.


Boomers are garbage. By far the worst generation this country has ever seen.

Wish Mexico would kick them all out. They are like locust they will use up all the resources then move on. Cant wait till this pill popping alcoholic generation is gone


And what generation are you jaginphx?


From a generation who didn't have everything handed down to me like the poopers. The greatest generation ever (silent generation) handed the failed at life boomers this country on a silver platter and they still managed to ruin it. Boomer are garbage.


So you are part of the generation who thought it was okay to have separate drinking fountains for whites and blacks? No interracial marriage. No blacks voting. Shall I go on?
BTW I'm a baby boomer who retired in 2013 at the age of 56. No failing on my part and nothing given to me.


That sounds wonderful. That many of them are leaving, 80%? That's huge.


I think I'll retire there. Won't have to see the majority of Phoenicians ever again.


Azazel - Alright, yeah, you'd probably be happier there. It's a lot cheaper and probably has people that you get along with better than here. Some people are even legally removing their U.S. citizenship and moving to other countries. That's their choice. If you wanted to do that you would simply have to fill out a few forms and through some simple legal procedures.

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