PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Whether you're a former sun worshiper or you've just lived in Arizona for a while, chances are you have some sun damage on your skin.

This damage can show up as that obvious deep leathery look, sun spots, or just wrinkles.

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But there is some hope, you don't have to just live with those things.

There are treatments to help reduce the appearance of sun damage which, as skin specialists from Arizona Facial Plastics explained, start deep in the layers of the skin.

"A lot of that damage has happened at the deep layers, so the UV damage --you get it from UVA and UVB -- you get it from driving, being in your house, a lot of things can cause you to have UV damage and 90% of what shows up on the surface of your skin is related to sun damage," said Felicia Taghizadeh.

She said you can actually reverse some of that skin damage and make a noticeable difference in how your skin looks and feels.

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"So if you have a lot of sun damage there are going to be more intense treatments that will be more bang for your buck," she said. "We're talking micro-needling which is really going to get those deep layers and pull out the damage, CO2 lasers which are pretty intense and can have three to four days of downtime."

There's also a laser called Laze MD.

It's not as harsh as CO2 but just as effective in a few more treatments.

"So if we do a couple treatments with the Laze MD, we would really be able to break up the melanin that's causing those pigments to just give you that even tone and texture on the surface of your skin," said Taghizadeh.

It can also help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

"When your cells are damaged by the sun, they're just not as healthy as they could be and in order to have healthy skin without too many wrinkles you want to be having a lot of cell regeneration," she said.

Results depend on the treatment you choose but she said you will usually see a difference by 30 days because cells take time to regenerate.

She said the best treatment for sun damage is prevention -- a physical barrier -- like sunscreen with zinc or a mineral makeup.

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