PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- The medical field is trying to be proactive in helping the aging population stay healthy.

A key to doing that is being proactive about things like diet, exercise, even bone density.

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The DEXA scan is a non-invasive scan that can look at the bone density in your back and hips.

They look at those areas because they are big bone structures. The risk of hurting them is higher as we get older.

If you do fall or get hurt, those can be the toughest to heal so they want to catch any warning signs early.

"They can do X-rays but typically you're not going to do an X-ray until after the patient has already fallen and we know they have a fracture," says Vanessa Jackson with SimonMed. "So this is a screening test to see if the patient is at risk for future injury, fractures, breaks and so on."

The DEXA scan is usually covered by insurance but even if it isn't and you want to have this done, it'll cost you 50 dollars.

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"If you have a client, if you're a trainer and you see their bone density is low and they're at risk for osteoporosis, youre going to want to start incorporating higher impact exercises.

We start losing bone density at age 40, so anyone over that age but more so over 50 should start having this looked at.


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