PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- While most Phoenicians are looking to cool off in a pool during the sweltering summer, there are some people taking part in a trend that dermatologists say is a really bad idea.

It's called the sunburn tattoo. People put stickers or stencils on their skin and sit in the sun until that shape is sunburned on their body.

[VIDEO: Dermatologists warn about dangers of viral sunburn tattoo trend]

Dr. Dustin Mullens from Affiliated Dermatology said this is a new iteration of an old idea that people were doing back in the 80's with tanning beds. The only difference, he said, was that the trend has just moved outside.

He said the long term risk for the short term gain is nothing to take lightly. Mullens warned that anytime you get a sunburn, you increase your risk of skin cancer.

The same goes for tanning.

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Anytime the sun changes the color of your skin, it means your skin is getting ultraviolet radiation. 

This makes your skin age faster, adds wrinkles, sun spots and decreases collagen.


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(10) comments


Too much time on their hands. Get jobs.


Glad to see azfamily continuing to expose the tough stories our there and keeping us informed of what really matters these days.... In other breaking news, temperatures are hot in Phoenix during the summer.

Agustus Gloop

Everybody that comments on this article will have their name tattooed on my lower back, this weekend.


That's awesome!


I'm guessing full sleeve, eyebrow, and body wrap tats are a bit more involved? But hey, you get what you pain for!


Haha, did this with my face a long time ago when skiing. It's called putting lotion in one spot and not the other. Not smart, I agree. Just a test over a week or so.


Sumerians were doing it, that means the Annunaki are actually the ones who came up with it . Then that means the bonbozaki inspired them! [ohmy]


No. That was clearly YOUR inspiration.

JF Conlon

According to my Mom, this idea was around in the 1940's. And the Sumarians probably started it. Nothing new under the sun.


If the Sumerians were doing it, that means the Annunaki are actually the ones who came up with it. [alien]

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