BISBEE, AZ (ARIZONA HIGHWAYS TV) – If you check into the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, just know you won’t be staying alone.

The hotel opened its doors in 1902 and hasn’t closed them since. It has been noted as the oldest continuously running hotel in Arizona, welcoming guests for over a century.

The hotel originally opened with 72 rooms and only one bathroom per floor. It's since been renovated to 48 rooms, each with their own bathroom.

The charming hotel also comes with a warning. Some residents never checked out.

“We do have some ghosts here at the hotel,” said Dan Finck owner of the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee.

Finck has a room in the hotel named for Billy, one of the supernatural guests. They believe a little boy drowned in the San Pedro River in the Copper Queen Hotel’s early years and haunts the halls of the hotel. There have been reports of children seeing and playing with an invisible little boy and when the water is running, his cries are heard.

On the fourth floor, Finck has caught glimpses of the smoking man who wears a top hat and cape. 

There is a log kept at the front desk where guests can record encounters with the supernatural. Finck has 12 volumes in total.

There are pages upon pages of sightings and supernatural experiences that are all too similar to not be true.

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Ghosts are real. When you've heard the floorboard creek in the night, experience sudden drop in temperature, and the hazy glimpse, disappearing glow of the long dead's spirit as it wanders the halls endlessly looking for redemption, escape from their repeating unhappy attachments to a material life. Futilely reaching for us, wishing to communicate. Only then you'll know there's more here than we understand. We're not alone.....


Well, since ghosts and the supernatural are made up BS, none of this has ever happened. Never has there been irrefutable evidence of such events. Cool old hotel. Just leave it at that.


Beware the Mexighosts !

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