LAKE POWELL (ARIZONA HIGHWAYS TV) -- On Lake Powell, you have plenty of options to play and explore -- not just in the water, but in the hidden canyons and coves.

And there are plenty of toys to help you make the most of it!

At Antelope Point Marina, you can rent everything from houseboats to jet skis, power boats to kayaks. Each one will give you a unique way to explore the canyons and experience the lake and its shores.

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"It's kind of fun going into narrow places, just kind of cruising and checking out the canyon walls," Elijah, who was jet skiing on the lake, said. "That's a really fun part about going in the narrow places. But, by far, if you just want to rip it and have some fun, the wide spaces are where you wanna do it at."

You can even rent several watercraft at once to make the most of your visit. 

A houseboat will let you cruise and relax, while jet skis allow you to cut loose! Or, cut free and go deeper into the canyons to explore places you can't always reach with the bigger boats.

"It opens up new opportunities," Elijah said. "So, when the water level drops, you might have different kind of canyon area open up to you. Or when it rises, different kinds of canyons will open up to you. It just depends on what kind of canyon you're going in, and what time of year it is, really."

We tagged along as Elijah, Silver Joseph and Taylor Engle headed deeper into the canyons to see what's beyond the twists and turns of these sandstone walls.

"We came into this canyon, and like literally towering walls around you," Taylor said. "And at one point, the jet skis couldn't go any further, so we had to disembark and then we walked further into the cave. The water was about, like, to our knees. And then coming into this dark hole in the wall, and just walking through that with the different colors and shades of brown and green around you, it's really something."

"It's really nice, because there's always something back there, whether it's a little arch, or it doesn't even have to be a cave, if it's just like almost like this grove of little trees, and you're like, 'What are you doing out here? This is a lake, a desert, you're not supposed to be here!'" Silver said. "So, there's always something at the end of one of them. ... Every one is kind of unique, and there's always something kind of different that's special that you get to see about them."

"It's an adventure," Taylor said. You get to see something that a lot of people don't get to see, because, if you're on a boat, you can't really get back there, if you're on a jet ski, there's more accessibility to there."

That accessibility lets you map out your own unique experience and discover some of Arizona’s best kept secrets.

If jet skiing isn't your thing, consider renting a paddle board or a kayak. But be ready to do some work.

"Getting on the board the first time was pretty difficult," Easton Bearnson said. "You fall off a few times but it's all in good fun."

And you eventually get the hang of it.

"But once you're standing up, it's a breeze," Easton said.

Paddle boarding and kayaking are some of the best ways to really take in lake Powell. It's also the perfect place to play.

With your houseboat anchored, the shallow shoreline is the best place to learn how to balance by yourself or with a co-pilot.

"I'm kayaking right now, and it's kind of hard, because it's two-man kayaking," Brayden Kellogg said. "So, you have to be kind of in sync with the other person that's paddling, so you don't roll over, because you can tip really easy."

They also have to watch out for the wakes caused by the bigger boats.

At least they don't have too far to fall!

But there are other ways to make a splash here on the lake.

Take an easy slide off a houseboat.

Or, if you really want to work for it, you can climb up a sheer wall to a narrow ledge, gather your courage, hold onto your swimsuit, and jump!

When you shore up, you practically create your own private resort.

You can sleep on the houseboat or set up a tent and camp out.

Relax, swim, or try something new.

"I tried surfing. [I'm] not too good at that," Tristan Kirkland said. "I tried wakeboarding. Also difficult, but yeah, I feel like I'm getting a little bit better."

You're the activities director, whether you plan to stay a week, overnight, or just a day.

"I definitely think there's plenty to do here all day," Tristan said. "If you have a boat, obviously it makes things easier. But even if you just have a houseboat, or a boat, you just need to anchor up and you can lay out. There's volleyball nets you can set up, beach ball, whatever you wanna do. But definitely enough - plenty of stuff to do for a day. Just bring enough sunscreen!"

And don't forget your spirit of adventure!


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