GLEN CANYON, AZ (ARIZONA HIGHWAYS TV) -- Some tall tales  can best be told from the air, like the story of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

[VIDEO: A different point of view: See Horseshoe Bend from the air]

It's just an amazing spectacle. And if you look up a picture of the southwest, you're going to see a picture of Horseshoe Bend in there somewhere!

Arizona is full of natural formations, like Camelback Mountain, that make you look up.

But, some of the state's scenery works the other way... giving breathtaking views as you look down.

Papillon Airways helicopter pilot Dusty Brown is based in Page, Arizona. Brown does tours over the entire area, including the lake, Tower Butte and Horseshoe Bend.

Helicopters have been a passion of Brown's since he was about 12 years old. He's been around the world flying, and says this is the most beautiful country that he has flown.

His office has an unprecedented view of canyon country's natural beauty.

Horseshoe Bend is a horseshoe-shaped curve of the Colorado River, located 5 miles downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, about 4 miles southwest of Page.

The bend does a 270-degree turn around and it leaves a  beautiful horseshoe shape in the river itself. It's just an amazing spectacle.

This country's desert even has its own sandstone skyscraper, twice as big as the world's largest man-made tower.

Tower Butte can look a little intimidating.

Some say it appears small. But up close, it's quite large; you could fit two football fields on top.

And it's a feat only mother nature could engineer.

From a helicopter, you can really get a bird's eye view.

A helicopter flight can feel a little scary and unnatural to some. But since a helicopter flies lower than a plane, you can see an incredibly detailed view of  the scenery.

The lake is immense. And from a helicopter, you can see how much it has to offer, like boat rides at the marina.

And even though the water looks clear and inviting, it's pretty cold! Maybe it's a sight that's better enjoyed from the air.

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