TONTO NATURAL BRIDGE, AZ (ARIZONA HIGHWAYS TV) - The Tonto Natural Bridge State Park an oasis, found just off an Arizona highway.

It's located just north of Payson about 11 miles on Highway 87. It's a masterpiece years in the making.

The natural bridge has been around for a long, long time. Depending on your beliefs, it could be as young as 5,000 years and as old as a million years.

When you see the sights, you ask yourself, how often do you see a waterfall surrounded by cactus? This scenery also comes with some impressive history.

It's the largest natural Travertine bridge in the world. Travertine is a rock that grows. It's actually calcium deposited over a long period of time over moss and grass and trees and rocks. It builds up very quickly and can grow up to several inches a year.

The bridge was discovered back in the late 1800s when a prospector stumbled upon it after being chased by Native Americans. The man hid out in caves located on the inside of the bridge. Smart thinking, for there's plenty of room to be found at this natural wonder.

There are a lot of beautiful spots to picnic and barbecue. In addition, many people get married or hold family reunions at the bridge.

It's a park where every turn shares with you another spectacular view and more soothing sounds.

Most people are truly amazed when they travel down the hill on the windy road to the little canyon and experience the jewel that is.

That's one Arizona treasure, aged to perfection!

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