PAYSON (ARIZONA HIGHWAYS TV) -- As you make your way to Rim Country from the Valley, many of you head out on the Beeline Highway to Payson. Once there, you have to make a stop at the Beeline Cafe.

"You've got to get in early to get the pie," one patron said.

"We just drove up from Phoenix just to come right here to have pie because they have the best pie," another said.

[WATCH: Payson cafe serves up famous pies]

For more than 50 years, that comforting Beeline Cafe sign has been a beacon for those in search of a friendly face and some down-home diner favorites.

"We serve you a nice hamburger, which is really popular in our community, and we have some shakes and malts," Diane Sexton explained. "It's the old-fashioned, soft-serve ice cream.

But it's a lot more than just the food at the Beeline. There are fancier, more modern restaurants. But let's face it, eating should be fun and delicious.

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It should be food that's filling, not only for your tummy but also for your soul. And you'll find all that at the Beeline Cafe.

"I think that everybody works very hard to make it a comfortable feel," Sexton said. "I think ... we've had our customers say, 'This is like eating at home, even the way you're being treated.'"


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Packed with bikers on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Phillup Witgas

Ate there once. Food was so-so.... And I mean just so-so. Not worthy of a write up in the paper....


Last time I ate there, it was a dump and McDonald's put out a better burger and fries.


Yo, u is going to run to Payson For A Piece Of Pie In The Sky. [thumbdown]


This place is kind of run down and dirty inside. Oh, bring cash because they don't take credit. Conveniently, there is a fee-charging ATM on site.

Show Me Data

In the United States of America, the word is cozy, not cosy, even if spell check doesn't hit on cosy.


Take a moment today to appreciate the contributions to society that White people have made; the contributions of Whites to the group's heritage and culture, as well as achievements by White people, and the central role of Whites in U.S. history.

Tony G


Agustus Gloop

Prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance...There is only one race, it's the human race.


tell that to the blacks and brown's trying to exterminate the rest of us. When your snowflake melts, you might find history repeats itself quite often.

Phillup Witgas

Good post.


Amen to that.

Mark G

...and all them “white people” are, or are decedents of immigrants. So? More immigration? Is that what you’re advocating for? ... I figure you could use more water in your gene pool, at-least.

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