NEAR EAGER, AZ (ARIZONA HIGHWAYS TV) – Formed by lava flow and coated in a field of basalt rock, the Native Americans residing in Eastern Arizona built their home on a volcanic field, leaving a history lesson for the masses.

Casa Malpais, located north of Eager, Arizona, was home to tradition, ceremonies, offerings and once the standard for life that is shown through the artifacts preserved.

The site, which rises 7,000 feet in elevation, allows visitors to see the rectangular housing kivas all over the outdoor museum.

Historians believe the kivas were lived in from 1240 to 1450. The units showcase Native American culture and history from the hieroglyphic drawings left behind.

As visitors travel up the steep, spiral staircase built with rock, a whole other layer of life is revealed.

Historians were able to preserve pottery and offerings of mortar unveiling more detail to their lifestyle. 

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