PHOENIX (ARIZONA HIGHWAYS TV) - When you think of Phoenix neighborhoods, you might think about stucco homes, desert-landscaped yards and master-planned communities.

But in the heart of downtown Phoenix, near Seventh and Monroe streets, sits a house that doesn’t quite fit one’s perception of Phoenix-area homes.

The Victorian-era Rosson House was built in 1895, and it’s all that’s left of Phoenix’s original residential neighborhood, known as Block 14.

You might know the area as Heritage Square.

Where a blacksmith shop and little Chinatown once existed, now thrive popular eateries, including Pizzeria Bianco, Nobu and Royal Coffee Bar.

“When people say it doesn't look like Phoenix … well, maybe before we took a wrecking ball to everything, that's what this looked like,” Pizzeria Bianco owner, Chris Bianco, told Arizona Highways Television.

The remains of Phoenix’s original "hood" stand in stark contrast with the modern-day architecture surrounding it.

The Arizona Science Center is here now, too, along with so-called “makers spaces” – one focused on modern-day technologies; another centered on turn-of-the-century arts and crafts.

Together, they’re all part of Heritage & Science Park – a literal cross-section of history and innovation.

Heritage & Science Park is at 115 N. Sixth St. in Phoenix.

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"'Hood'? Really? How about neighborhood? Looks like this apparent journalist is now communicating in a sort of thug slang language that has brought down the quality of life, culture, and communcation across the U.S.

AZ Native

What a nothing article.

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