GILBERT, AZ (ARIZONA HIGHWAYS TV) - More is always better, right? Well, when you're filling a half-hour show, more means not always being able to stuff everything into that time constraint. Sometimes, it's an entire story that I'll later find a home for in another episode. Most times, however, I wind up trimming down interviews so at least a piece of it makes the final cut. Often times, there are still some nice meaty chunks left over. If we were talking dinner, my grandmother would have called these "planned-overs". So, that's what I've started doing - planning ahead for those bits and bites that I don't want to go to waste but just can't find the room. 


Recently, we dedicated an entire episode to Barnone in Gilbert. It's literally a converted barn that once housed farm equipment. It's now a destination for farm-to-table dining, craft beer and wine as well as handcrafted goods. There are 12 different business housed in Barnone - ranging from restaurants and a brewery to hand cut wood designs to a flower shop and a gunsmith - and I was determined to feature each one. Somehow, it worked, but once again, I bit off way more than I could chew. I decided I needed to make room for dessert - or maybe even an appetizer. That's what today's Profiles From the Road is about. It's a few saved bites from Prickly Pear Paper about how it got its name, what it represents and how owner Mark Johnston came up with one of his unique designs. 


"Your eyes were bigger than your stomach," is another saying of my grandmother's, especially when I picked out a dessert that I couldn't possibly finish. I was just thinking ahead - like she taught me. That extra large slice of key lime pie was part of my "planned overs".

So how did Prickly Pear Paper get its name? Mark's fiancee, Lauren, loves Prickly Pear Margaritas. And voila, they have a store name.

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