CAVE CREEK, AZ (ARIZONA HIGHWAYS TV) – Hand-picked fossils that date back to 500 million years ago from around the world are for sale at an art gallery in Cave Creek.

Rare Earth Art Gallery in Cave Creek sells geodes of mesmerizing color, quartz and other fossils from the earth. Owner Wayne Helfand travels the globe to find the treasures.

“I’m a purveyor of art of the earth and that’s what the gallery consists of,” said Helfand.

Helfand has traveled to Brazil, Madagascar, Morocco, China and Vietnam searching for each individual item.

The entrance of his gallery features a 5-ton quartz crystal, one of the largest in the world according to Helfand.

The gallery itself is a beautiful, eclectic mix of rock and nature that visitors will certainly find themselves losing time in.


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(8) comments

Phillup Witgas

500 million year old fossils ??? Are they trying to sell Nancy Pelosi again ???

Phillup Witgas

Pelosi's for sale ...???


Can anyone at AZ Family tell us how much these business pay for these puff pieces? Aren't you supposed to disclose that by law? A couple weeks ago they had a puff piece on Gila Bend, the most godforsaken he11 hole on the planet. Many people got a good laugh out of that and were wondering how much money the Gila Bend Chamber of Commerce paid for the article.


I wonder how long it will be before some country comes looking for their stolen heritage.

JF Conlon



Good one! Grubby worthless Pangaeans.


How long do you have to boil them to be soft enough for soup. [blink]

JF Conlon

Is that a 500 million year old Dale Chihully?

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