OATMAN, AZ (ARIZONA HIGHWAYS TV) - Downtown Oatman, Arizona is known for the wild burros that freely roam the streets, and for the Oatman Hotel, the oldest two-story Adobe building in Mojave County. It was built in 1902, but it’s who stayed here in 1939 that has really given the hotel and the town something to talk about.

[WATCH: Arizona town known for Hollywood couple who spent honeymoon there]

"We’re famous for having Clark Gable and Carol Lombard spend their wedding night upstairs," said Susie Clark with the Oatman Hotel.

The honeymooners were among Hollywood’s elite. Gable was on a production break from "Gone with the Wind."

"The story is they were married in Kingman. I believe in those days, as well as now, famous people kind of liked to get away from, you know, the hustle and bustle and particularly the paparazzi," said Clark.

Now, our understanding is that they didn’t stay here any longer than that night. The pair continued on to the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, staying in Room 1201, now known as the Clark Gable Room. Although, they did come back because Gable liked to play poker with the miners.

You can no longer rent rooms at the Oatman Hotel, but you can get a peek inside this small love nest. And thousands come to see it just as it was. Now the room isn’t exactly what you’d call a luxury suite, even by 1939 standards.

"I’m sure there were thousands of places that they could’ve gone otherwise, but it was a hideaway. And I’m sure, you go in there and it certainly was cozy," said Clark. "Two lovebirds, it’s probably all they needed."

It all happened right in the heart of Oatman, Arizona.


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