DATELAND, AZ (ARIZONA HIGHWAYS TV) -- Heading west towards Yuma, there is an easy stop off Interstate 8 where everyone can get a date!

Welcome to Dateland, home of the world-famous date shake!

Dateland Date Gardens sells close to 100,000 date milkshakes a year now, and continuing to grow with that.

Because of demand, the groves of palm trees keeps growing.

A lot of people that stop, they travel from different parts of the United States and don't realize dates grow on palm trees.

Some of the original trees were planted nearly 75 years ago. There are about 600 producing trees that grow eight different varieties.

Back in the 1920's, Dateland was a water stop for the railroads steam engines.

Now, it is a must-stop with billboards across the interstate, directing travelers that date shakes are just ahead.

They're really yummy, they're really good. They have their own sugar, so you don't have to sweeten them, you can eat them right from the tree.

Or, bring your dates home. The gift shop offers bags of plain dates, stuffed dates and even date cookbooks.

The cafe also offers lots of other shake flavors, you can sit down and have lunch, enjoy a banana shake or one made from another local plant.

So make sure to make a date for your own shake, your next trip out on I-8!

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(4) comments

Phillup Witgas

Uummmm.... YUCK !!!


waste of money. don't stop in that cesspool.


I was in Dateland two weeks ago. It's a nice pit stop on the ride to San Diego from Phx. The bathrooms are clean and they have great snacks and free samples of dates. I would stop again if I ever take another trip to CA.


People that have everything are missing one thing that we have, worries.[tongue]

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