Why support the Christmas Angel program?

Arizona’s Family teamed up with The Salvation Army in 1986 to create the Christmas Angel program. That first year the program served 3,200 children.

Now 35 years later the program is in 13 malls across Arizona and serves more than 50,000 children Every tag on a Christmas Angel tree represents a real child in our community along with their Christmas wishes. So, when you grab a tag from a tree you are helping a child in that community.

Q: What if I want to give but don’t want to grab a tag from a tree?
A: No problem! You can still participate with these options:

Q: How much do I need to spend on a Christmas Angel?
A: We are grateful for anything you are willing to donate to a child on our trees. Typically, people spend $25 on a Christmas Angel tag. Of course, any amount is welcome.

Q: Do I need to return the gifts for my Christmas Angel where I got my tag?
A:Yes, if you pulled a tag from a tree at Arizona Mills you have to return your gifts for that tag to Arizona Mills. Because every tag represents a real child, it is important the items purchased for a tag are returned where the tag was picked up from.

Q: When do I need to return the gifts?
A: It is very important that you return your gifts to the mall location you picked your tag at by the date on the bottom of the tag. That way we can ensure the gifts get to the child on the tag. If you adopted an angel virtually this year, follow drop off deadlines provided on the Christmas Angel website.

CLICK HERE for a map of the map of the Angel Tree malls