The Phantom Killer

(3TV/CBS 5) -- True Crime Arizona: The Phantom Killer is a limited series that examines the gruesome murders that terrified a small town 50 years ago.

Investigative reporter Morgan Loew spent four years researching the case, interviewing family members of the victims, investigators, members of the killer’s family – and the killer himself. The podcast takes listeners back to the summer of 1967, when one little girl after another disappeared in Sierra Vista, Arizona and the police received a letter written by someone who called himself “The Phantom.” The story continues today, as the killer sheds new light on why he did what he did – all those years ago.

New episodes are released every Monday!

Chapter 1: Cindy Clelland

Investigators search for a missing girl and make a gruesome discovery.

Chapter 2: The Letter

The killer sends a letter to the police, threatening to strike again and referring to himself as “The Phantom.” Meanwhile, an army of investigators hunt for an old man driving sedan. And the police chief senses something familiar about the murder of Cindy Clelland.

Chapter 3: The Teenager

Investigators race against the clock to identify the Phantom. The police chief zeros in on a troubled teenager, but one big misstep causes investigators to overlook the killer. Meantime, the Phantom’s own letters shed light on what motivated him to kill Cindy Clelland.

Chapter 4: Jennelle Haines

The Army mobilizes a massive search after another child disappears. Meantime, the Sierra Vista Police chief is certain he knows the identity of the killer. And a spelling error in the Phantom’s letter holds the key to the case.

Q&A: The First Four Chapters

Morgan Loew and Kris Pickel break down what has happened so far in the Phantom Killer case. This episode includes insight from behind-the-scenes. It will prepare listeners for the next chapter, which moves forward in time 50 years from the time of the murders.

Chapter 5: Clemency

Fifty years after the murders of Cindy Clelland and Jennelle Haines, their families work to prevent The Phantom from getting released from prison. When their efforts fail, they alert the media. And the leaders of the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency struggle to justify their decision to let a serial killer out of prison.

Chapter 6: The Killer Next Door

William Huff’s new neighbors react to the news that a child killer has moved in next door. Meantime, a forensic psychiatrist weighs in on whether someone who committed heinous crimes 50 years ago is still dangerous today. And Huff is caught with a young girl in his apartment.

Chapter 7: The Words of the Killer

William Huff answers questions about why he murdered two young girls 54 years ago. But his brother says the explanations and the motivations the Phantom offers are disingenuous.

Chapter 8: Conclusion

Morgan Loew and Kris Pickel discuss the Phantom Killer case and address final questions about William Huff.


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