Lori Vallow's Deadly Delusions

(3TV/CBS 5) -- She was the perfect wife and mother for decades, until something changed. Lori Vallow is now connected in some way to six violent or mysterious deaths. A former husband, an estranged husband, two of her children, her brother and her new husband’s then-wife – all dead.

True Crime Arizona: Lori Vallow's Deadly Delusions explores the events and issues that motivated Lori Vallow, throughout her life, and during the tumultuous and tragic year of 2019. We will speak to family members, friends, investigators and forensic experts in an effort to create the most complete picture of who Vallow is, and what turned her from perfect mother to criminal defendant.


Chapter 0: Breaking News

In this first episode, Kim Powell and Morgan Loew discuss the murder charges filed against Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell. What new evidence was revealed when prosecutors made their announcement? And they set the stage for the episodes to come, which will detail what led a dedicated wife and mother down the path to become a defendant in a notorious murder case.

Chapter 1: A Death in Chandler

Charles Vallow had just arrived back in town. His marriage was falling apart. His wife had been behaving strangely. But Vallow was determined to keep things as normal as possible for his son and step daughter. Charles Vallow’s life came to a violent end in a Chandler rental home the morning of July 11, 2019. This episode chronicles what happened that day, what led up to it, and how this first death set the stage for the suspicious and cold-blooded deaths to come.

Chapter 2: Lori's Family

In this episode, Morgan Loew speaks to Lori Vallow’s mother and sister. The interview took place in May of 2020, before Lori was charged with murder. But the conversation you will hear includes information about Lori’s past and possible motivations. This episode includes parts of the interview that have never been published before.

The Charles Vallow Murder

Morgan Loew breaks down the latest developments in the conspiracy case against Lori Vallow, including the statement of probable cause, released by Chandler Police, which details what led up to Charles Vallow’s death, and how police believe Lori was involved.

Chapter 3: Idaho

With Lori Vallow's husband out of the picture—shot dead by her brother in Chandler, Arizona—Lori decided it was time for a fresh start. Lori, her brother, and her kids—JJ and Tylee—all moved to Rexburg, Idaho. However, shortly after arriving, Tylee disappeared. And two weeks later, JJ vanished. 

Case Update: 2,500 police documents

In this episode, Kim Powell and Morgan Loew discuss the recent release of thousands of pages of police reports, emails and other evidence in the Lori Vallow case. They include a never-before-released letter from Charles Vallow to Lori, as well as new evidence that Alex Cox left the country three days after he shot and killed Charles.


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