Phoenix PD officer with controversial past in trouble again

Ofc.Seth Castillo being arrested in 2010 for DUI, now in trouble again (Source: KPHO/KTVK)

A Phoenix police officer busted for DUI in 2010 is in trouble again.

The Phoenix Police Department has officially confirmed that Officer Seth Castillo is being investigated for a “use of force incident.” However, sources close to the investigation said Castillo is being looked at for possibly punching somebody who was already in handcuffs.

Castillo was the subject of an explosive arrest in 2010. Gilbert police found him stopped in an intersection and passed out behind the wheel of his car. Police audio from the arrest revealed Castillo becoming angry and aggressive when the arresting officer woke him up, saying to the officer, “I will f******* kill you."

Gilbert police ended up tasering Castillo when he aggressively refused to follow instructions from the officers trying to make the arrest.

Castillo was arrested and charged with DUI. His blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. Court records show he tried to get the conviction thrown out by saying Gilbert police botched the procedure for taking his blood sample. However a judge threw out the appeal.

Castillo was temporarily reassigned to desk duty after the DUI but not because of the arrest. Instead the punishment came after nine photo radar speeding tickets against Castillo surfaced from 2009 – including one alleging Castillo was going 92 miles-per-hour in a 65 mph zone.

Through it all, Castillo kept his job as a Phoenix police officer.

Now sources close to the current investigation said Castillo is on paid leave while the department investigates him for possibly punching a handcuffed person in front of a rookie officer. Those sources said Castillo is denying he did anything wrong.

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