MistAmerica is the leader in outdoor comfort systems. Our misters are perfect for your home, restaurant, amusement park, hotels, shopping centers and more.

After decades of providing outdoor comfort systems to hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, shopping centers, golf courses and pretty much anywhere that high temperatures chase people inside, MistAmerica is now giving you the chance to take our coolness home so you can enjoy your great outdoors.

The MiniCool™ is our brand-new, high pressure, outdoor comfort system that features a smaller version of our Mist360 Breeze. The MiniCool™ is perfect for most home patios, easily replacing an old ceiling fan or inefficient line-mist system which really only cools the outside of the patio instead of the interior where you’re sitting.

What you can expect from our cooling systems:

  • All of our Mist360 fans hang and wire like a ceiling fan.
  • Larger patio spaces may require multiple Mist360 fans for best results.
  • Several MiniCool, Wave and Breeze fans may be operated from a single mist pump.
  • All Mist360 fans may be used in both residential and commercial applications.
  • Our non-drip ruby misting nozzles are the best on the planet.

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