Learner & Rowe Gives Back Puts on the Cape!

Press Release

“Caravan of Giving donates $10,000 to families for Christmas”

Phoenix— December 1, 2022 — Philanthropists Kevin Rowe of Lerner & Rowe Law Firm and Sean Reavie, Founder of Put on the Cape a Foundation for Hope (POTC) team up this Christmas with “The Caravan of Giving” in support of critically abused children.

“Nothing like this has ever been done,” Reavie said of the caravan visiting five Valley cities to give $2,000 to Child Crisis Centers to support families whose child suffered unthinkable abuse this year. “Someone took the right for those children to be kids and we want to give it back in time for Christmas.”

The Caravan

With Deadpool Cameo leading the way in his tricked out, lit up Crown Victoria, The Caravan, with Santa and Mrs. Claus and a team of Christmas Elves, first stops in Peoria (8351 W. Cinnabar Ave) to give $2,000 to their new victim center. Reavie is asking all the centers to adopt two families whose children suffered acute abuse this year and provide them with a sensational Christmas.

“Kevin Rowe wrote my Foundation a check for $10,000 and told me to do something great with it,” Reavie said. “This was the result. We arrive at each center, lights flashing, sirens wailing, and confetti flying.”

The Route

After Peoria, the Caravan travels to Goodyear to give $2,000 to the Southwest Family Advocacy Center. The Caravan does the same traveling the Valley all morning, presenting checks to Chandler’s FAC, Scottsdale’s FAC, making their final stop in Glendale.

“We are excited for Sean and his team to come to Scottsdale,” said Lt. Lee Campbell of the Scottsdale FAC. “We thank Sean for all he does for our center.”

“Lerner & Rowe Gives Back” believes in paying it forward and is lauded as one of the top philanthropic organizations in The Valley. “There is no reason that any child should go without,” Rowe said. Mr. Rowe plans on attending the visit in Scottsdale.

Founded in 2019, POTC earned “National Great Non-Profit” status the last two years. Its Founder, Sean Reavie, was named the 2021 National Humanitarian of the Year and inducted into “Who’s Who in American” for the 2022 class. Reavie is also a #1 best-selling author in automotive history.