International travel is back! Tara’s first trip was a bike tour through Mallorca, Menorca

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- My husband and I have been doing these organized bike trips for 10 years. Due to COVID, we postponed this trip last September. When we finally got to go a few weeks ago, we ended up adding a few more Arizona couples! It turned into something of a “private” tour because Backroads has limited the number of people in each group. It’s one of their COVID precautions. Our guides, Borja and Carlos, certainly got their fill of Arizona! Click or swipe through some pictures in the slideshow below.

Ready to travel? Preparation is key!

Countries are changing their travel requirements as the COVID pandemic continues, so be sure to check, re-check, and triple-check what you need. Then look again, and keep checking until you actually leave. In my experience, printing everything out, being super organized, and making sure you know the requirements for each country is crucial because, plus, it saves a ton of time. If we had not been paying attention, somebody in our group might not have had their vaccination card with them. It was not required when we booked the trip but was by the time we traveled.

Coming home

You need a negative COVID test to come back into the U.S. You can test at various locations in Spain (or any country), and hotels will usually help guide you in this. We decided to bring an FDA-authorized home test kit with us to keep it simple. It worked great. We ordered the Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag test kits before our trip and took them with us. There are other testing kits, but we went with the Abbott one to play it safe. It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth it, in my opinion. As of right now, the six-pack that we bought is out of stock. There is, however, a two-pack available for $70. Some pharmacies carry the kits, as well.

How it works

You need to download a free app called NAVICA (iOS App Store | Google Play), and you need access to a computer. It’s a 20-minute process. Somebody guides you through taking the test and then emails your result.