FAQs: Everything you need to know about mail-in voting in Arizona

Arizona mail-in ballot.
Arizona mail-in ballot.(Arizona's Family)

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STATEWIDE (3TV/CBS 5) -- Arizona’s Family has put together a list of frequently asked questions about voting by mail in Arizona.

Q: How do I sign up for mail-in voting?

➣ First, Get Registered: You must be registered to vote in Arizona.

➣ Second, Sign Up For Early Voting: Once registered, sign up for the active early voting list (AEVL) or request a one-time ballot. The deadline to request a mail-in ballot is July 22, 2022.

  • Active Early Voting List (AEVL): There are many benefits to this option. Once on the list, you’ll get a mail-in ballot for every election unless something happens with the status of your voter registration.
  • One-time request: Make a request for a ballot-by-mail for this one election. You will not be added to the AEVL.
  • Phone: Call your county recorder’s office. You will need to provide your name, birthday, home address, and other identifying information. Maricopa County Recorder: 602-506-1511
  • Online Form: Maricopa County’s Recorder’s Office

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Q: When will I receive my ballot?

Counties started sending ballots on October 12. If all else fails, you can always vote in person at an early voting center. You can also track your ballot to see its status.

Q: What do I do if my ballot was mailed but I never received it?

If an early voter has not received their ballot, they may request a replacement. To request a replacement ballot by mail, a voter may send an email to voterinfo@risc.maricopa.gov or call at (602) 506-1511. Voters also have the option of requesting a replacement ballot in person at any voting location.

Q Will my ballot be sent to my forwarding address on file with the Post Office?

No. All official election materials, such as ballots, are marked (as required by law) as “Do Not Forward – Return Service Requested.”

If an early ballot is returned to the recorder’s office indicating you are no longer at the residence address on file or that a forwarding order is on file, then this will begin the process of deactivating your voter registration record unless a “Temporarily Away” order is in place for your address.

Always make sure to update your voter registration record when you move.

Q: How do I request to have a ballot mailed to a temporary mailing address?

Submit a request online at request.maricopa.vote.

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Q: What is the deadline to mail my ballot?

Arizona election officials recommend voters mail their ballots no later than November 1. However, postmarks are irrelevant. Your ballot must make it to your county recorder’s office by 7 p.m. on election day for it to be counted.

Q: What if I can’t mail my ballot in time or just don’t want to mail it?

Once you’ve requested a mail-in ballot, you have a plethora of options.

  • Complete your ballot at home: Once it’s filled out, follow one of these steps:
    • Mail it: Remember, it’s not the day that your ballot is postmarked for your vote to count. Your ballot must make it to the recorder’s office by 7 p.m. on Election Day.
    • Drop Off: Drop it off at an early voting center or a secure drop box before or on Election Day.
  • Vote in person: Yes, Maricopa County voters who received a mail-in ballot can actually vote in person.
    • Early: Go to an early voting center in Maricopa County and vote in person. Your mail-in ballot would then be voided. (By the way, all registered voters in Maricopa County are allowed to vote early as well. You don’t have to be on AEVL.)
    • Election Day: Vote in person at a Maricopa County voting center on Election Day. Your mail-in ballot would then be voided.

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Q: How do I know what signature is on file with the recorder’s office?

The voter’s signature will either be the signature that they provided to MVD or signed on a paper voter registration form. If they have voted early in the past, that signature is also used as a comparison. A voter can contact their county recorder’s office if they would like to check on their signature. If a voter believes their signature needs to be updated, they can download a paper voter registration form and submit it to their county recorder’s office with their updated signature.

Q: How do I track my ballot?

Maricopa County has made it fairly easy for voters to track their ballots. Just click on one of the links below.

🡕 🔗 Maricopa County voters, track your ballot by visiting the recorder’s ballot tracker.

🡕 🔗 All Arizona voters can go to the Secretary of State’s voter information portal to track their ballot. The Secretary of State’s website only tracks mail-in ballots.

Q: Is voting by mail safe?

Yes. “Arizona has a proud history of secure and reliable voting by mail,” according to the website of Arizona’s secretary of state.

Q: Are ballot drop boxes safe?

Drop-boxes must be set up in secure locations and some of these locations may not be accessible 24/7. If a drop-box is located outside and will not have a staff member stationed with it, the drop-box must be securely fastened to an immovable object. Some counties are electing to set them up in locations, like fire stations, that are operational 24 hours a day. More information about the operation of ballot drop boxes can be found on page 60 of the Elections Procedures Manual.

Q: When will my early ballot be counted?

Election officials will start counting early ballots - including mail-in ballots - 14 days before the election.

Q: The pen I used to fill out my ballot bled through the paper. Will that affect my vote being counted?

According to the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office, the ballots are printed in such a way that bleed-through does not affect tabulation.

Q: Do I have to sign the green envelope for mailing or dropping off my ballot?

Yes! You must sign and date the envelope containing your ballot.

Q: Do I have to include my phone number on the green envelope?

It’s not required, but a spokeswoman for the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office says it’s a good idea. It makes it easier for officials to contact you if there is a problem with your ballot or a question about your signature. It’s faster if they do not have to look up your contact information. Your phone number will not be saved.

Q: I messed up my ballot! What do I do?

If you have lost or damaged your ballot-by-mail, you may request a replacement either via mail or in-person. You also have the option to vote in person. Remember, postmarks are irrelevant. Your ballot must arrive at the recorder’s office by Aug. 2 at 7 p.m.

🡕 Click here for a contact list of Arizona’s 15 county recorders

Q: What if I don’t have any stamps?

You don’t need a stamp to mail your ballot. Postage is pre-paid. Don’t forget, your ballot must be received (not postmarked) by 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Q: Can somebody else drop off my ballot for me?

Only a family member or caregiver can return your ballot for you.

Q: What’s the biggest mistake people make when it comes to mail-in voting?

According to the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office, the most common mistake people make is not signing and dating the envelope containing their ballot.

Q: Can I get an “I Voted” sticker if I vote by mail?

You will receive an “I Voted” sticker when you receive your mail-in ballot. You can also get a sticker at any of the voting centers.

Q: How do I contact the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office?

Call 1-877-THE-VOTE (843-8683) or email elections@azsos.gov.