10 things every newbie should know about Arizona heat

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(Source: 123rf.com)(123rf.com)

PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- We know you probably did your homework before finally making the leap to move to one of the fastest-growing cities in America.

That means you read the articles and quizzed your friends, but until you settle into Phoenix during its notoriously brutal summers, you’re probably still not ready.

Here are 10 things you will learn when you experience a Phoenix summer.

1. Umbrellas are the norm

(Source: 123rf.com)
(Source: 123rf.com)(123rf.com)

It’s not a tribute to Mary Poppins. The droves of foot traffic you’ll see carrying umbrellas are taking cover from the pulsating heat with portable umbrellas -- or parasols if you’re fancy.

During the hottest days, there is little-to-no cloud cover. So remember, it’s not a fashion statement; it just gets unbearably sunny here.

You’ll also see plenty of larger umbrellas at patio restaurants or pretty much anywhere people congregate outside.

2. You’ll never look at leather seats the same way again!

(Source: 123rf.com)
(Source: 123rf.com)(123rf.com)

Underneath Arizona’s glaring sunlight, the $3,000 leather seats you opted for on your new car look extra cute until they scorch your arms, back and legs. Ouch! Lucky for you, Phoenix has several yoga studios to help you become more flexible when it’s time to find strategic ways to get in and out of your car.

3. Portable fans have no place here

They’re virtually useless outside in the dry desert heat. Whether motorized or hand-powered, you won’t see many Arizonans carrying portable fans. Not because it’s unfashionable, but because it’s not cool -- literally.

4. Even insects need a break

(Source: 123rf.com)
(Source: 123rf.com)(123rf.com)

Scorpions become more active in Arizona once the temperature rises above 70 degrees. So you’ll see more scorpions from March through October in the Phoenix area.

Outside your home, or inside the house, these creepy-crawly creatures can be found anywhere.

5. More trips to the hair salon

The frizz is real. Your hairdresser -- and your wallet -- will thank you for taking proper precautions. Moisturizing conditioners for your mane are a must. And if you can’t keep up with the required regimen, it’s a good time to dust off that Fedora tucked away in your closet.

6. Sidewalks make great stoves

Breakfast, lunch or dinner...your stove is never too far away. Phoenix sidewalks are known to get hot enough to cook some eggs and a side of bacon. Bring your appetite when you’re strolling along Central Avenue.

7. No shoes, no shirt, no service? Not here!

Compared to other cities, you may notice a void in shoe-shirt-service signs. That’s with good reason. Sans shirt is the way to go for many Phoenix residents. Just keep in mind, while bare feet might feel liberating, they could also get singed on Phoenix pavements. See #6.

8. Danger Will Robinson, your phone may explode.

It would be nice if your smartphone was smart enough to tell you “don’t leave me in the hot sun today.” Until that advent, it’s best to not leave your device in Arizona’s direct sunlight -- or worse, your car. The consequences could be more than just paying the deductible on your phone insurance.

9. Got a nice tree? Pedestrians will notice.

Encanto Park in Phoenix. (Source: 123rf.com)
Encanto Park in Phoenix. (Source: 123rf.com)(123rf.com)

You’re not the only person who appreciates that lively tree you planted. When the heat strikes and pedestrians are looking for instant shade, your lawn might be just what the doctor ordered. The neighborly thing to do is just get the hammock ready.

10. 90 degrees suddenly feels great

During the summer, nobody in Phoenix complains when it’s 90 degrees. If you’re a transplant returning home for summer, “Unfazed” will be your new middle name. Very few cities in the U.S. have comparable heat to Phoenix. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!