PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - The number of credit card skimmers being found in Arizona is on the rise.

According to the Arizona Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures Division, the number of skimmers found at Arizona gas stations this year more than doubled compared to last year.

"Criminal organizations have found an easy way to make money," said Weights and Measures associate director Michelle Wilson.

The devices steal your credit card and bank information when you swipe a card at a compromised gas pump.

They're also becoming more sophisticated. The Weights and Measures department reports that some of the skimmers are even Bluetooth enabled.

And the state agency says the crooks responsible often travel the country planting the devices at gas stations.

"They have increased significantly not only in Arizona but nationwide," Wilson said.

Last year, the state found 57 skimmers, but in 2018 they've already found 120.

The Arizona Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures Division is cracking down on skimmers, checking for them when they ensure gas pumps are dispensing correct amounts of fuel.

"We work very closely with retailers, law enforcement and financial institutions," Wilson said.

And some gas station chains, like QuikTrip, say they're working to combat the problem as well.

"If there's any unauthorized attempt to gain access to the pump, the pump's automatically shut down," said QuikTrip Corporation spokesman Mike Thornbrugh.

The company says this also triggers a silent alarm, and their system has prevented any skimmers from being planted at any Arizona QuikTrips.

"But I don't want to mislead you," Thornbrugh said. "Nothing's foolproof."

Which is why some Arizona drivers say they'd just rather pay inside.

"I had an incident with a skimmer one time where it affected my bank account, and I wound up bouncing checks all over the place," said Bryan Holt as he filled up his car. "I'm frightened. I don't enjoy games, and I don't enjoy losing money."

The Weights and Measures Department has more information on credit card skimming and what to look for the next time you are at the pump.

Have any credit card skimmers been found in your area? Check the latest map here (mobile users click here):  


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Although they don't give you the exact address most of the ones you zoom in on the map is at a Circle K location....

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