A report released by Tempe police Monday details the criminal investigation into one of their own.

Former Tempe Officer Jessica Dever-Jakusz resigned in lieu of being terminated a couple of weeks ago. She became the subject of a criminal investigation after her sexual involvement with a suspect being investigated for selling drugs.

The police report indicates that in June 2013, Dever-Jakusz was working undercover with other Tempe narcotics detectives in an operation that targeted the sale of illegal drugs in and around Mill Avenue restaurants and bars.

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Dever-Jakusz made several "buys" from a suspect of MDMA, known on the street as Mollys. The suspect's name is blacked out in the report. The report indicates that Dever-Jakusz became sexual involved with that suspect and shortly after that disclosed to him that she was an undercover Tempe police detective. She also identified at least four other people the suspect had seen her with as undercover detectives.

According to the report, Dever-Jakusz also disclosed to her "lover" the fact that there was an ongoing drug investigation along Mill Avenue and that she was assigned to him.

The report indicates that an anonymous source advised the Tempe Police Department about Dever-Jakusz's involvement with the suspected drug dealer.

When she was confronted by investigators and told she was the focus of a criminal investigation, the report indicates that Dever-Jakusz initially thought it was a joke. As soon as she realized the investigator was serious, she refused to talk.

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The suspect with whom Dever-Jakusz was having an affair told investigators that she originally lied to him about the fact that she was married. When she came clean about that, she told him her husband was a Chandler police officer but that she was in the process of leaving him.

According to the suspect Dever-Jakusz was involved with, she told him that her husband had been "looking up a bunch of stuff on him."

Chandler police have confirmed that Officer Garrett Dever is under internal investigation but they will not say why.

Sources reveal the investigation involved Dever using police computers to look up a subject he believed his wife was having an affair with and then threatening that man.

Officer Garrett Dever is the son of the late Sheriff Larry Dever of Cochise County. The sheriff was killed in a single vehicle accident in Northern Arizona in September 2012. Dever's blood alcohol level at the time of his death was .291 percent. That is more than three times the legal limit.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office is reviewing Tempe's report on Dever-Jakusz. That office will determine whether formal charges against her are filed.

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