YUMA, AZ (3TV/CBS5)- On Sunday, Nov. 18, Matthew Sanchez went to meet a 13-year-old girl for a "sexual encounter" at an Arizona truck stop. 

Around 10 p.m., the 30-year-old supect was instead greeted by a member of "Truckers Against Predators" also known as TAP. The encounter was recorded and streamed on Facebook Live. 

Sanchez was driven to Love's Travel Stop at 2931 E. Gila Ridge Road by his friend and roommate, a taxi driver. 

Sanchez thought he was meeting a 13-year-old minor for sex, but was caught in the act. Truckers Against Predators set up a decoy to expose him of his illegal motives.

Although Yuma Police Department considers this a "victimless" crime as no child was involved, Sanchez was found guilty of having sexual intent with a minor, going as far as sending inappropriate pictures to who he thought was a young girl. 

After Sanchez left, he returned home and called 911 to turn himself in. 

Yuma Police Department confirmed in a recent release: "Matthew Sanchez was arrested and booked into the Yuma County Detention Center for aggravated luring minor for sexual exploitation, furnishing harmful items to minors and luring minor for sexual exploitation. All felony offenses."

Anyone with additional information on this case is encouraged to call the Yuma Police Department directly at (928) 373-4700. 


Anthony Greene from "Truckers Against Predators," gave an update on Facebook Live after meeting with Sanchez at the gas station/truck stop. 


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(10) comments


Why does everything have to be politicized (re: Dean)? This is a man who needs help and hopefully he was caught before he did anything to anyone.

Flip side, is the TAP group considered vigilante? Are they related to Guardian Angels or CyberAngels?


Tushimi= NEEDS HELP! You are as sick as this pervert is. The only "help" he needs in 20 years in a pen for attempted statutory rape. So what if he attacked your daughter? Would that be fine with you? You are obviously bleeding heart who thinks no one needs punishment regardless of their crimes. Bet you would not call truckers vigilantes then. You know I bet you even support baby killers.


Tuishimi - and another thing, as the trucker said, "I am losing faith in humanity" You are one of the people the trucker is talking about.


I also wonder if he is not one of the many illegals we have in this state being protected by the democrats..

Wayne kenoff

So if someone is hispanic, they’re automatically illegal? Go make love your pet


How can the Police Department considers this a "victimless" crime with a minor not involved while they set up stings like this all over the country almost every day? You can bet had the guy been contacting someone in the police department he would not have gone home. Also "obeylaws" what is the problem with citizens' arrest? Had you daughter been a victim of this creep I am sure your story would be much different.


What is wrong with these people?


The 'Truckers Against Predators' concept has disaster written all over it. How about we leave law enforcement to the cops and truckers drive trucks?? Just because they're allegedly trying to catch child predators does not mean we throw common sense (and the Constitution) out the window.


obeylaws = yep leave it up to the police so they can show up a couple hours after the crime and take a report THEN ASK THE PUBLIC FOR HELP.

Wayne kenoff

He gonna cry in the car

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