(3TV/CBS 5) - With nearly 7,000 miles of highway in the state, troopers with the Arizona Department of Public Safety certainly have lot of ground to cover.

Traffic stops are continuous, even if it's as mundane as removing an illegal license plate.

But maintaining these patrols takes a lot of money.

And starting in January, you'll be footing the bill with a new fee that's being added to your vehicle registration.

And that fee isn't exactly cheap. Doug Nick is with the Arizona Department of Transportation.

"It's $32, $5 for street-legal off-highway vehicles and street legal golf carts."

That’s right. Beginning next month when you go to the Motor Vehicle Division to register any of your vehicles, you'll be slapped with a $32 public safety fee. Nick says the fee will be on top of your normal registration costs.

"It will show up on a line on the registration coded to show that it is a $32 fee that's paid of every vehicle for every year registered."

The fee was approved last spring by the state legislature when law makers looked for ways to pay for the state's education budget, including raises for teachers.

As money was taken away from the Department of Public Safety to pay that it had to be replaced with something else.

So, the $32 fee was born. It's a fee that will fully fund the entire DPS agency. Jesse Galvez is a captain with DPS.

"The money that this fund brings in is going to help us maintain our day to day operations with the highway patrol."

The fee is expected to generate at least $168 million for DPS. Not many people know about the new fee and some consumers aren't exactly thrilled with having to pay it.

“It's not good for the people who are employed and barely making it from one end to the other. I think it's a real [sic] bad, bad thought."

On the other side, however, if you want DPS to keep patrolling, the fee won't be going away.


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(12) comments


Whether politicians call it a users fee or whatever, it is an unjust tax and exorbitant amount in addition to registration fees. I bet roads, bridges, etc conditions won't improve but state lawmakers pockets will get lined nicely!


I guess I will be turning in my cardinals plate sorry no more charity giving for me


If we brought back photo radar to the state highways, we wouldn't need this tax. Photo radar is legal, effective, and the cost is borne ONLY by the VIOLATORS. It's a wonderful thing - unless you want to actually be held accountable (gasp!!) for your crappy driving.


Gee, how about going after all the Illegals who have caused most of the hit-and-run accidents, and other crimes in our State? We taxpayers are so tired of footing the bills for the illegals to drive their POS landscape trucks on our streets and highways with no insurance and drivers license! Our insurance premium goes up every time these morons cause an accident, then they run. Resulting in our premiums being raised by the insurance companies!


We taxpayers, we taxpayers. I bet you can't even name one member of Congress (Senate or House) on the practically defunct Teatard Caucus.


A fixed fee may be thought of as a regressive tax. That is, when everyone affected pays the same amount (as in this case), the poor bear a larger burden as a proportion of their income.


Yep. You think the conservative sh*theels in the state lege care about that?


This really blows. We have 6 vehicles! This is exorbitant!


Maybe if the conservatives you support didn't tank the education budget, we wouldn't have to play catch-up. Also, nobody needs six vehicles. Thanks for polluting the f*ck out of our air. How Arizona.


People often say they support law enforcement. Here's you chance to put your "money where you mouth is." Kudos to the state for doing this. Hopefully we'll see safer roads. Can we now talk about bringing back photo radar to the highways?? (Note - we wouldn't need this $32 tax if we had photo radar...)


Just the government ripping off the taxpayer because you can't not register your vehicle. Photo radar is waste of money and with modern technology can be defeated. Punitive measures are not the path to improve highway safety.


Before bitching about the government, why not first find out how it works?

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