Jeff Glor has been in the big chair of CBS Evening News since December of last year. So how has the last three or so months been on his new job?

CBS 5 This Morning's Yetta Gibson sat down with him in New York to talk about that.


Yetta: "It's been 3 months, how's it going?"

JG: "Good so far, hopefully getting better every day, as we move through this process. I hope everybody appreciates it's a marathon, not a sprint.

"As we evolve, we are trying to put even more of a focus on the deeper dives, the longer stories where we can take a bigger look at something, where we can focus on our correspondents. [We want to focus on] writing good stories which has always been something that defined CBS News."

Yetta: "You came in at a very interesting time, so how has that changed the game for you?"

JG: "Well this isn't the first time the media has been criticized, it won't be the last."

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Yetta: "Well this is bigger than ever now!"

JG: "Well, yes there is always going to be criticism. What is interesting is you are getting criticism from both sides and everyone. As long as what you are doing is accurate and fair - nobody is going to be happy, and you can't operate under the premise that you are going to make everybody happy."

Yetta: "Immigration is a big deal obviously in Arizona, we were wondering, how do you tell those stories about immigration and the border wall and keep it important for those who do not live in border states?"

JG: "It's a good question. I think immigration is important for everyone, everyone has concerns, questions. It's a major focus for us just as it is for you. It will continue to be. We want to make sure we are on the ground. Whether we are telling stories, with our correspondents in Arizona, or whether it's the southern border, or wherever else. They are important to us as it is important to viewers."

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Yetta: "We have Jeff Flake, we've got Senator John McCain who is battling brain cancer, how do you think Arizona will play in politics this year?"

JG: "There is no question Arizona is hugely important on the national stage. It has been not just for the political battle that has taken place in the past but the battles still to happen in the future. We are paying a lot of attention to Arizona. I think what happens in Arizona has a lot of national implications and we will be watching that very closely."

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